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  1. Aion: Awakened Legacy Known Issues - October 24

    Using right click to rotate the camera fails more than 50% of the time and the cursor just moves across the screen, while visiable, without doing anything when the right mouse button is clicked. If I enable, left-click to control camera, it works fine. Can you please fix this issue. It is very annoying and frustrating.
  2. Future Economic Collapse help!

    Yeah, it is pretty annoying with the kinah situation now. I only had 50m when the patch went through. Best you can do now is farm aetherforging mats open world and sell them on the broker. You can get up to 100m kinah per hour just doing that. The bots have returned in full force with their 300 hour grind worth of guide stones.
  3. Aion Tshirt Giveaway Guessing Game

    You would steal my number.... hahaha I'll take 99 then.
  4. how can I get more greater supplements ? scarce resource! D:

    It was definitely premature of NCSoft to remove supplements from the BCM. Because of this, a lot of people that would normally buy sups from there have had to buy them from the broker instead, which in turn has depleted the supply significantly. This combined with the deflation of kinah due to the event, makes it very difficult to get the 4,000 sups required to get one one piece of gear +15. I was going to start a petition to bring them back to the BCM until 10/24, but I already saw your post, so I thought it would be okay to add my comment here. @Cyanwith all the master harvester gear and Caeus gear being given out now, could you please add the greater mythic supplements back to the BCM? You might also want to add the major felicious socketing boxes back too. It is extremely difficult to prepare gear to the +15 minimum required to get an exchange in 6.2 without these options available in the BCM.
  5. Can we talk about the stigma enchanting nerf?

    Last power up I tried to enchant 1 stigma to +9 and I got it to +8 five times, but every time it failed to +9. After using more than 80 stigmas of that type from my storage, the broker, friends, and all the bundles I could get ahold of on the server, I bought close to $120 of them from the bcm since that was my only option left to get as many as I thought I needed. I got nothing but my +7 at the end, which I already had at the start. Don't get me wrong I've made eight +9 stigmas, but something in the last three power ups seem very wrong. If you remember the urgency of the two before this one, how it was done as an "emergency" overnight patch by NCSoft to cover up for the terrible "failed" events, it's not hard to believe that they made it much harder to succeed in enchanting, as part of their contingency plan. Anyways, when a couple of them went from +8 all the way down to +1 or failed below +5, I switched to new base stigmas, since I heard the rng is tied to the base stigmas. Even after trying 5-6 different base stigmas, very few of them could get above +7 even after five attempts or more. So the mechanics seem to have completely changed. People need to wake up and realize this really isn't about luck, there's probably a hidden formula to succeed in these enchants that NCSoft and other gaming companies don't reveal to us. It is in their best interests to keep us believing that it is purely lucky based, but even fornite has these type of psuedo-luck mechanics that seems like they are purely luck based, but really they include more than 10 factors in a equation we can't see. If it was simply luck, a lot of us would probably be way better off.
  6. Aion August Preview - Updated 8/21

    @Cyangonna turn this into triple exp weekend with power up? hahahahahaha
  7. +20 skill fail!

    After +30ing my breastplate, I realized that the pvp defense reduction amount is 5.7% , not 3.8%.
  8. Buying Ncoin

    As Cheesecake said, I would highly recommend buying your NCoin through Amazon, unless you want to wait 12 hours every time you decide to buy something. It looks like the change in the payment processing companies was done to avoid taxes, probably by purchasing the cards internationally because I never get charged taxes on NCoin purchased from the Aion website anymore, when I used to. This process, for whatever reason, seems to severely delay the delivery of the NCoin to one's account, although the money is immediately charged to your bank account. Personally, I would rather pay the tax and get the NCoin immediately, but NCSoft likely did this to lower their payment processing fees and/or decrease their income taxes, maybe by some loophole.
  9. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    Above +15, the Shadow Pact and Sunayaka weapons get percent PvE attack bonuses. Kind of troll if you ask me; I don't see why a person would want to use this weapon in PvE when it has no base percent PvE attack increase. Provenance weapons get PvP attack percent bonuses above +15, although there is a bug in the UI where this bonus isn't displayed in the weapon's total PvP attack percent bonus. I requested that this bug be fixed back in 5.0, but it has still remained.
  10. +20 skill fail!

    All of the breakthroughs for chest armor pieces give pvp bonuses. You should’ve checked the 3 possible breakthroughs on Aion db before you wasted your time and money They either increase your pvp attack by 3.8%, reduce the enemies pvp attack by the same amount, or reduce the enemies pvp defense by the same amount for a few seconds
  11. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    Yes, starting yesterday, maybe earlier, I have not been getting nutrient bundles. @CyanI think we need to be compensated and this bug needs to be fixed asap. Thanks.
  12. Sir TankaLot

    full hp regen skill on 30s cooldown. Seems balanced Kappa
  13. The Ultimate Pack for the Shugo Tomb

  14. Enraged Mastarius' Armor Set In The Store Can't Be Extracted

    I already complained about this to Cyan in another forum post. What's even worse is that they have skin versions of the armor, they are just refusing to give them to us properly due too poor planning on their part. What level 66+ that purchases this lvl 55 armor is going to use it as is? No one. I feel cheated too.
  15. Omegas? Is this normal?

    There always seems to be one piece in the purified sets that takes up to 10 times the omegas to get to +20 then the rest of the other items. For me it was my breastplate. It started from +10 went to +14 and then all the way down to +2 with omegas and greater supps the whole way. After 25 omegas and close to 8k sups I was able to get to 15. I hoped I would have better luck above +15, as some of my pieces I +20ed with only 5 omegas. After I used 35 omegas there, I got to +19 twice but failed, and then I quit the game for around 3 weeks or so. Eventually I came back during FT event and thanks to the cheap prices of omegas I was able to finally +20 it after 20-25 more omegas. So in total it took around 85 omegas, which is the hardest piece I have dealt with so far. I would highly suggest taking breaks if you start failing 5 times or more during enchanting. Take a break, play something else, watch anime, SOMETHING ELSE. The hardest part of it is the psychological stress and I guess financial pressure this game sometimes puts on you if you want to be a consistently high achiever. I wouldn't get too worked up. Just take some deep breaths, have patience, and know that you will eventually get it. Best of luck!