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  1. meh a bit late but here check these posts
  2. 6 hours AFK for a 7-day enchant

    Dude... don't you dare to call us lucky OK!? Is not like it took me 54 seconds to enchant ultimate gear from +0 to +15 with No fails DUH ! There was literally no luck involved, at least in my case, just a Deal with the Devil. Come on 7.5 bring me that juicy infinite gear not scared tho !

    There is no Soul healers here, topic is about Arena of Discipline... is a very different situation to be jumped out of nowhere in open world by a fully buffed sin/ranger in hide while you are distracted giving them a Huge advantage to a fight in AoD where u are prepared for it. in 6.0 Ranger lost 3 skills used to help bury silence wich only leaves 3 skills to do a bury is melee range and 2 second cast time is not that easy to land 25m range easy to land wich gets nullified by SM (can be used to remove the slow or preventive to resist the slow as gives really high resistance) also SM have a Resist (is long ass CD but is enough to land a fear and get the job done) so From 3 skills 1 gets countered and the other requieres certain conditions to be met (Nimble Fingers up 2 min cd, and Melee range) so unless the SM is really bad or the Ranger have 30 ping is quite hard to just land a bury from the get go in AoD. You don't need to maneuver much... you have THIS Nightmarish Shriek 100% effectiveness. Who cares how many resist you enemy has when your Fear ignores them all LMAO. Also 1.5 sec cast time while casting speed capped is what 0.75 sec ? and when you cast bar is a bit more than 50% the fear lands anyways even if you get stun or sleep, so a time between 0.38 to 0.75 seconds i would not call that a ''Ridiculous long cast time'' While silenced u can still Use potions, Run away, take cover behind structures to take less damage. while you are Feared u can't do anything at all, that is way it is the stronger skill in game and when a fear lands its just so easy to land another fear after that one and then another one or make silence/bind/slow burry with the bazillion debuffs SM have
  4. Bug IB

    So you got rewards and no entry consumed?? Oh Boy! Time to spam IB Exploiters Assemble! I mean... NO!! This is vegy vegy bad, lets just shut down IB for the next 3 months just to be safe
  5. Removes 1 altered state Removes 2 altered states (+20 skill) Removes 2 altered states These 3 dispels combined don't remove Curse Cloud...
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    yes please keep rubbing it in our pleb faces! is not like the 20th time you told us about your double Kaisinel already -_-" i guess there is a Paid Reagent too right? how much Ncoins it costs?

    and who can blame them ? is not about X class vs Y class, is about facts, and a simple fact is that Fear is the strongest skill in game... oh and don't get me started in the Daevanion version that can bypass any resist skills and that even Fear XFORMS, that is beyond words.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    i guess this means 7.2 release at december 18th or Junuary 8th ???!!??11?
  9. Extend Enchant-O-Rama

    i'm pretty sure points are taken server wide from the summation of both servers and factions points. would be nice to have an extra week tbh, but there is any presedent from NCwest extendieng any event by players petition? sadly probably this will be the last day QQ
  10. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    yes sounds interesting... but i'm pretty sure for PvP everyone will chose silence/bind/para again lol
  11. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    those are passive skills that comes within the new vision weapons, like ereshkigal chest/wings or any old +20 armor skill, not actual socketable Godstones. it's safe to assume the 3.5% Godstone Supression is not going to work against these skills, otherwise all the lower grade skills would be dead since birth, beceasuse the supression % would be higher than the activation % Ancient 2% Legendary 3% Ultimate 5%
  12. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    What a fancy way to say Godstones Here vision weapon passive skills 3% 5% 5%
  13. EC Compensation Idea

    Yes. eemm not so sure about that...
  14. Dragon king weapons

    They are droping right now! hurry up mate you still have almost 4 days to get them. they are super easy to get, you only need to use around 10.000 dollars (but better use 15.000 just in case), to get them from current event ''Enchant--O-Rama'' https://www.aiononline.com/news/enchant-o-rama-has-returned
  15. Stigma Enchantment Data (+11 stigmas, 164 stones used)

    Waste of time? Not really... the test was not made in a KR server so the rates don't necessarly must have to be the same.