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  1. bwuahahahaha, why would they fix it when you guys continue to give them money, if anything you guys as the players are encouraging this bad behaviour from the devs and gm's, you want stuff to be fixed then don't give them your money until it is but oh wait that'll never happen because there are too many die hard fans, you have 2 options 1) leave the game and come back at a later point checking in to see if it's fixed ( i do this because it's hilarious to watch a great game goes to waste) OR 2) suck it up and continue playing knowing they don't give a crap about their customers,
  2. i'm glad aion is dead/dying, just proves that even if you come back to the game a second time thinking gm's and devs would do their job and learn from their past mistakes but drop the ball big time shows they don't care at all about the game, it's waaaaaaay too late for them as the damage has already been done, i decided to take a peek after a month of being away and to my dismay the game is worse off than it is before which i didnt think was possible lol, only way this game has a chance of making it maybe, just maybe is if Lvl 55 comes out with gelk/ing in the next few months which i highly d
  3. it's called afk crafting in elyon but don't worry this will be my last post as things are in the works *cough* *cough*, been fun, see you in aion 2/2025
  4. i'm here because i keep getting notifications and it's nice to see that majority of the gaming population feels the same way i do, but nice efforts i see through your troll factor, anywho keep playing on a dead game, doesn't bother me as i'm enjoying elyon, so much more to do than aion that's for sure
  5. The only way you are gonna get rid of the hackers is if you own a private server yourself. Even I could do a better job at banning bots/cheaters, pretty easy to identify ap traders, bots and hackers because the thing about hackers is they constantly repeat the same mistakes such as targeting you in stealth, flying past the 16 movement speed, it's like they think that people don't know they're cheating or they themselves just don't care but jokes on them, left to go play something else so as the population dwindles down to nothing they can spend their money that they spent on hacks to do it on
  6. Lol I play Elyon specifically for open world PvP, it's the reason why I loved aion so much true open world PvP, nice try though
  7. ncsoft doesn't care, they already know their game is failing but they got their money out of the players in the beginning with people spending thousands of dollars on tiger candy, imagine wasting all that money and all that time just to find out that this game was gonna be dead in a few months, the smart players have either sold their account, shelfed the game or left it for a different one, my subscription now goes towards elyon so suck on that ncsoft
  8. Honestly man you are just best to give up and leave the game. I'm like you and am extremely passionate about aion but from the past couple months you can clearly see they are out of touch with their player base and only care about milking players for money Hackers/ap traders run rampant and you can't even ridicule them in public which is ridiculous because it's literally ncsoft protecting them and they know this and because if this they never have to worry about being publicly exposed except for word if mouth, game is in a disgusting state I've already said my piece in
  9. when the game becomes a second job and it no longer becomes fun and a place for you to escape from real life that's the time to put it down and sry but grinding like you've been for boiling balaur stains just to know that you could fail up to 10x, that's a huge no for me, i am actually quite excited that my aura runs out this weekend and i will not be resubbing as i've been on the fence for a while and patiently waiting to see if actual changes would have been made but that turned into a huge nope, i've spent maybe 20 min in the game this past week and i know that now is the time to shelf this
  10. wow, just wow, i looked over that event and you're telling me i gotta gather candy canes and cookies in which i feed it to this pet in which it will only expel one revel pumpkin every 2 hours and i need 30 of them to turn into a npc for a chance at those garbage items, instead of fixing the problems this is what we get 60 hours of gathering i'd fire all of you for being so incompetent at your job and as others have stated no wonder the feedback is terrible, if i were you i'd be embarrassed to shell this kind of news out and continue working, you've just secured the loss of respect
  11. what's sad is i've spent more time on the forums than i have in game, that just shows you they don't have much interest as they're out of touch with their playerbase but i'm sure they'd know that if they spent grinding 200 balaur mobs and not getting a single boiling balaur blood stain, best way to know your audience is to get to know them and what better way than playing alongside each other to see the struggles that many of us players are facing
  12. all they seem to care about is how much are the ap traders and cheaters spending, oh lots of money, only temporary ban for them, as long as they keep paying we only temporary ban oh, want another way to solve bots, increase drop rate because there's no way in hell us actual players are gonna spend hours farming for your minimal drop rate on manastones, it's hilarious because we literally GIVE YOU everything you need to know what's wrong about the game AND EVEN TELL YOU how to solve it but you don't listen, you might as well just be a second job because we all know upper management
  13. didn't realize being polite in saying "no thanks" was against forum rules and how do you know he was trying to incite an argument, maybe he was just brought up real proper and fancy and you're mistaking his politeness for rudeness, people always jumping to conclusions these days tsk tsk tsk
  14. only thing they'll be discussing is what can they put in the daeva pass/in the store to milk players of a dying game where people just afk in their abyss home fortress lol, also saw someone today who was no longer the person i knew as he sold his account to someone on player auctions so at least he got his money back for what he put in
  15. only way people are gonna come back is if some serious changes happen like perma bans for people who repeatedly cheat over and over, sometimes bans need to be unfair because cheating is cheating, if perma bans were handed out more serious then players would actually feel like they have a legit chance and wouldn't question if someone was cheating all these temporary bans are laughable and that's why your server population is so meh compared to what it was and what it could have been, i believe that if bans were handed out based on ip or your motherboard meaning you'd have to pretty
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