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  1. Can someone tell me a patch where SM wasn't top tier broken as nyerk besides 1.5, because i think the only patch they even had a change that could be considered a nerf was 4.7. The patch that they seperated the scroll cooldown but even calling that a nerf to such an overpowered class is laughable at best. God forbid SM's have 1 somewhat difficult matchup VS ranger that is still an autowin if they press instant fear. Back on topic, theres OP classes every patch and they come and go. Although to the degree that Chanter and Cleric were overpowered and Cleric still is, is quite ridiculous com
  2. I will never understand why some EU players choose to play NA servers. EU has a bigger player base and doesn't have Gideon ontop of all the other stuff mentioned. It isn't even a discussion which version is better.
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