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  1. love that song and.... cant login... get freeze after agree with rules....
  2. Blade and Soul monsters.... oh well....
  3. You dont make them. you buy them from npcs
  4. PEOPLE you are forgeting another little thing: the daily quest say to kill 20 mobs and only give 1 coin. How about change it to 50 mobs and 10 coins? More of us will do the mobs aswell. This, with ally loot (yeah better than group or league) and high prices would be more balanced. And, ofc, untradable omegas and temperings (the soulstones are untradable, except the ones you can get from AP) the stuff that you cant trade maintain the price. Just a sugestion @Gideon
  5. just one question: since the iron wall soulstones (as an example) are untradable will that too change price? yeah i know but it is what i really wanted to farm
  6. i dont care the merchant prices since we get to enjoy the eye. we can still farm. and economy is already fuked up so dont worry @Gideon
  7. Yes i was farming all day not to get omegas but to get soulstones and AP to finally get one fuking piece of lvl 80 gear. I know others were there for omegas, temperings and manastones but not me. I am not very fortunate on pvp nor on EC random bundle opening and gathering 220 soulstones is nerverecking. And now is gone. And the fix will take weeks as usually. Thanks NC.....
  8. And the other events where ppl was able to farm alot stuff too and sell it? Can be and cant be. We need to @Cyan to tell us straight what was.
  9. I really want to know what is the serious problem with the event.
  10. It is at 2 am for me as well, not to mention the berseker one that is at 5 am........ and thanks @Bryos-DN and @Cyan
  11. can we see a description for each title card (both events rewards) please @Cyan? ty
  12. Actually i was about to answer him about it without spoilers as well, but you beat me to it Plus about Ereshkigal we had some books on library thet give a nice view. They mention beluslan fall with the frozen city, why Eres froze it and how she fast moved to the position of high drakan. I dont remember well, long time i red it, but she felted special enough to be a dragon lord, so she started doing "big" things for Fregion notice her. I need to search that again
  13. At the first cataclism Siel protected the powers or essence of the archdaeva, but didnt protect the body. She enclosure those powers on a time/space bubble that only the worthy would be able to get (Fissure of Oblivion). If the actuall game is "few years after the first cataclism" also theres alot of info ingame that proves that wrong on timeline. Example: The elyos character wakes up with amnesia from an event passed AFTER the fist cataclism, since it was linked with Lord Lephar (Israphel). The Lepharists lore set them after the cataclism as response to it (humans lost confidence and respect
  14. at saturday starts 16 to 19 and sunday starts 14 to 18. Since the server changed time they should be starting one hour later. But i noticed that today ended one hour early.... so.... dunno
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