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  1. You can also go to the page where you buy quna or siel's and remove way of payment. its auto canceled
  2. Dude, every merge that happened, all the server involved got reset. It was fair for all, and no one complained. It was easy for all to start to see everyone as one community. So why are you so entitled to not get fairness on this one? What all of us from DN are asking is that instead only DN get reset, both server get reset! names and houses on fair point to EVERYBODY and for the racism "im DN you KT" ends!!! Sorry but im not very good at drawings so i couldnt get this more pretty to you.
  3. Being DN or being KT doesnt matter. BOTH server should be RESETED because of fairness on names and housing matters. I will fight for my mains no matter what, even because it depends on the player. He/She may have stop playing, may have less hours logged, no matter. The time and feeling dedicated to the game is diferent on each one of us. So in case of name conflit the ELDEST character should get the name but for that need to request support. Some ppl like to pop in game just to keep the memories alive, others are just simply dont giving a nierk anymore. I dont have much time to play as i
  4. I wont reroll Siel. I am an asmo IS. Do you know why asmo side seems so empty?? Easy answer: the first week of classic alot latin american join asmo side and played, but since economic reasons, its not an area of the world with capacity to have subscription on. They have a strong PVP spirit and the fact they cant get AP after one hour they left. You can say whatever you want to point more resons, in your idea, to merge, but this is the main fact: NC decided to "chose" just one kind of client. If I had a business I wont treat customers from other countries "differently" if they want m
  5. No merge please!!! I have been IS all my play life and since beggining this happened. And even low asmos we made it, we got "smart" and we balanced stuff. And im talking about BEFORE any merge with Tiamat and Kahrun. At that point we also saw alot elyos giving up to play and just focusing on instances.... I was there, and i have to say, at that time, I had one character each side. Again: no merge please.
  6. Pets pouch and pets loot yes, dyes too, but nothing more than that. And keep retail away from classic. Even twin siblings have diferent tastes.
  7. no lvl 8 for the ones who bought last pass.... @Kibbelz
  8. @Kibbelz mine neither!!! Does anyone saw that point at maintenance?
  9. And no one have come forth yet to say something.... as usual... right, @Kibbelz?
  10. Another point : whatever you claim from daeva pass dont go for inventory....@Kibbelz
  11. I tryed that first thing.... didnt change
  12. It was the first thing i saw, not the rewards being the same... EDIT: If Im going to spend 45 € every month I would like this kind of things wont happen, and yes, changing rewards, at least some.
  13. it was supposed for whom bought the daeva pass last month to start new season at lvl 8.... where is my lvl 8??? and same rewards....
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