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  1. Im not a cry baby. Each one of us decides if they want to try or not. I can try for one, since we can get 3 weeklies (already got first and made the unicorn), but i will eventually get one skin. And I wont make a fuss of it. It is really like if i get one, cool, if not, at least i tryed. But in any time I will spend money on bcm. I will go with what the lugbug gives me. That's my way of fight.
  2. oh I see. Well Im just going for the skins then. My fight against RNG on events ended up 2 years ago....
  3. I got the weekly lugbug event box and you can chose one of the 3 weapons.... or if you open one of those boxes can fail? Im asking because i made a unicorn, so i didnt selected one weapon box....
  4. Actually I miss the Sarpan/tiamarant maps. You could choose if you wanna just pve or just pvp. And i didnt mind katalam/danaria because it was balance between mass pvp areas and safe zones and pvevp areas.... But what i get from NCSOFT is that they like to play God and destroy lands at will. If is not removing maps, its put them all endgame for ppl rush on leveling (this is the Lineage2 method). I dont think that live will be salvaged. For that they would need to recreate everything, and they dont have stamina and will for it. They just want cash shop.
  5. Already a bright mind claimed that killing the opposite camps give renow.... lets get this straight: you get more % of renow doing quest, not killing the stupid camp. or you think that 460 per mob is something? Also the alts CANT kill the gelkmaros hunter mobs nor the equivalent on elios side. Plus, everyone use it to do on alts. Do you really think that ppl will do 7 days the dailies on each alt??? And what about the newbie/returning players? They are also human beigns. The camp crap is being a way for the bad players that have all maxed out come and get kills. Killing the little on
  6. Im starting to get pissed off when im doing my cubic instance and i get a desconect right in the middle!!! Or if i finish it and then cant get my cubics. Something is going on with your servers. Its not my conection, since i open a browser, go to any website and aion one gets not answering status. My connection and provider are the same since i started play aion 10 ish years ago and never happened this kind of crap, unless the usual mass dcs and stuff that all of the community had. Check this out. Im not the only one having this issue. Really!!!!!
  7. Well I know that what I am about to say will end on deep hole, but i decided to try. Since both sides like to nierk the life of the little people (those who dont use the credit card to play or just like to enjoy the only hour per day to play) I would like for the dev team to consider to reduce the time a camp takes to respawn any kind of NPC after being killed by opposite faction. Most of us cant be sitting on gelk looking the map and waiting for the nierk camp to show up again, and WE WOULD LIKE TO GEAR AND GET RENOW LIKE THE REST. I believe its enough the game being set up to the p2w wh
  8. Thank you very much!!! That was a huge help!!!! You rock!!
  9. Ok i was far away from the game for too long. I am lvl 80 and i got started on my Gelkmaros armor (i understood the idea of exp and renow). Also explored Lakrum for the PVP one and katalam's assessories. But!!! Some factors poped so I ask the pro players to give me some hints: i know that enchanting it is in order, not only the equipment but also stigmas and daevanion skill. Also socketing manastones. But the thing is: i am an alone player, dont have much time to play per day, and i havent any clue how instances work. So imagine this: i just got to Gelk from Beluslan. Can you give me like
  10. love that song and.... cant login... get freeze after agree with rules....
  11. Blade and Soul monsters.... oh well....
  12. You dont make them. you buy them from npcs
  13. PEOPLE you are forgeting another little thing: the daily quest say to kill 20 mobs and only give 1 coin. How about change it to 50 mobs and 10 coins? More of us will do the mobs aswell. This, with ally loot (yeah better than group or league) and high prices would be more balanced. And, ofc, untradable omegas and temperings (the soulstones are untradable, except the ones you can get from AP) the stuff that you cant trade maintain the price. Just a sugestion @Gideon
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