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  1. Aion 2.0 or 2.5 or 1.0 legacy servers

    your right I don't like that your right but there's really nothing more to say …..time to let go of the past and move on like everyone else
  2. Aion 2.0 or 2.5 or 1.0 legacy servers

    So its not just forum posts is how I know ALOT would want it ive spoken with a fair of people who play the game now and they want the same thing I know there is still a fair number of people who don't want it and as for "It might be helpful to you to search "classic server" and read the bijillion other threads posted about this. Most of them are authored by the same person" took your advice in case i was wrong and searched classic server and found that you were the one that was wrong most of them are indeed NOT authored by the same person and found while indeed is a lot that would side with againist the number I agree is even higher and personly after taking your advice I think you know this already we don't have a large pop to begain with because aion is not the game weve come to know anymore and honestly most people hate it this server will at the very least revive aion to what it was before while the dev team can furgie out in the mean time how to make the live server go back to its roots if possaiable IF they succeced in that then yes classic server will shut down and no one will complain BUT at this point in time if they realseased a classic server live servers are more in danger of dieing than the classic one and the live server is on its last legs anyway so if nothing is done and SOON aion will shut down all together people right now are holding on to the hope of a classic server even if NC hasn't given any but that hope is dieing by the day which will spell doom for aion once and for all and they don't even need to make the server excauly the same as it was in the day like wow did they could add something like pay for lvl 50 boost with lvl 45 coin gear or increase the exp you get 10 fold the end game of those days are what a fair number of what people are after {I admimt I don't know the esmitted number of how miss the old lvling vs how many just want the old end game play back} I sugjust if NC considers this they realease a survey on this matter I already know the chances of this are very likely none but if aion dosnt make the right changes soon and shut the server down I can aleast say I tried
  3. I know its a lot easir said than done and most likely aion servers will shut down for good before they consdir this BUT.....I will never forgive myself if aion dies forever and I didn't sugjust this despite the outcome staying quiet dose nothing this way theres a 0.1 chance if you are reading this and agree about 2.0 or 2.5 or 1.0 servers speak up say something you will get nothing if you don't try now as how this could work from a money stand point I furgied to have acess to these servers you need to pay 15$ a month ...trust me its better we pay to play than forcing ncsoft to trick us into paying to win because at the end of the day ncosft needs money for this stuff we need to pay for this in one way or anther I vote pay to play and there could be a survey as to which version players would want 2.0 2.5 or 1.0 I know a lot would 4.8 or 4.5 but aion truly shinned most in the 3 versions I mentioned as for player poplartion I truly belive a lot would come back once news of this gets out ….and be willing to pay as well we would indeed have eugh players to split between the live aion server and the legacy one {not gunna lie tho most players would choose the legacy one} I know this from how many posts ive read about it so chat use this forum to voice your opinion PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not stay silent say something even something simple like "I agree" or "I don't agree" I know this is simple terms " very long shot" but nothing will change if you just read or don't voice your opinion hope yall have fun ……...finger's crossed here's to hoping aion hears our plea
  4. yea I agree and I will go on strike with giving you money for this game till you aleast fix the transparent scoll thing because I do not play aion to look like this and if this is how its gunna be then that will be the straw that breaks my back alest I will leave and not even think about looking back if the rest of you feel the same I suggjust you join me cause nothing will be done we unless we quit supporting them
  5. Nps on kata server not working

    its official npcs have gone on strike
  6. Nps on kata server not working

    NPCs on the kata sever and objects isn't working everything else is working tho
  7. Special Courier Pass not working

    Yeah it is Combined But if that's the case or it doesn't work On Some items They really should Put a Disclaimer on the Black Cloud Market Place Oh well thank you Hopefully I can sell them for kinah
  8. Special Courier Pass not working

    Hello I just bought 6 Special Courier Pass's Mythic {61-65} to trade my <Sauro Commander's Orb> and it wont let me trade in the mail with the 6 pass's in my inv if Courier pass's don't work on certain items there was no disclaimer for it But according to the description of the Courier pass's it shoulve have worked The weapan is lvl 65 mythic btw is there something going on I don't know about ? Or is it a unresolved bug? Please help have a Great Day