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  1. yea I agree and I will go on strike with giving you money for this game till you aleast fix the transparent scoll thing because I do not play aion to look like this and if this is how its gunna be then that will be the straw that breaks my back alest I will leave and not even think about looking back if the rest of you feel the same I suggjust you join me cause nothing will be done we unless we quit supporting them
  2. Nps on kata server not working

    its official npcs have gone on strike
  3. Nps on kata server not working

    NPCs on the kata sever and objects isn't working everything else is working tho
  4. Special Courier Pass not working

    Yeah it is Combined But if that's the case or it doesn't work On Some items They really should Put a Disclaimer on the Black Cloud Market Place Oh well thank you Hopefully I can sell them for kinah
  5. Special Courier Pass not working

    Hello I just bought 6 Special Courier Pass's Mythic {61-65} to trade my <Sauro Commander's Orb> and it wont let me trade in the mail with the 6 pass's in my inv if Courier pass's don't work on certain items there was no disclaimer for it But according to the description of the Courier pass's it shoulve have worked The weapan is lvl 65 mythic btw is there something going on I don't know about ? Or is it a unresolved bug? Please help have a Great Day