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  1. I agree with you, you're lucky you got to keep your skin, noble soldusk/glided is also cool but it reminds me closely of the void tracer outfits that i usually dont MIND but dont absolutely love either. I prefer to wear the assassin leather because they allow you to look bad a** while you play
  2. Okay so for a while I have been wondering why the skins for Aion have been bad. I play cleric and I haven't been satisfied with any of the skins offered by the game. Ive seen the skins you can get through brokers, black cloud market, Aion item guide and even through Aion powerbook and Im still. not. satisfied. My main issue is that we no longer able to wear armor pieces that Are not associated with that class. (example: as a cleric, wanting to skin an assassin skin on your chain armor) I understand this was to not confuse people with class and clothing worn, but there are in my opinion no good
  3. Hey guys I saw this skin in the character creation of Aion and i was just wondering what's this skin called? looked around for a while saw absolutely nothing. help!! https://prnt.sc/qxoew5
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