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  1. Does NC Korea have NC West by the balls this much that they are not allowed to talk to the community at all or try and quell any of the many fires going on at any point.I know back in the day this was an issue when the game first game out that they couldnt say or do anything without Koreas approval. Or do they just genuinely not care about the game or playerbase enough to grace us with a response to the many questions that have been being asked over the last couple of months.I know NC has a track record of being absolutely garbage at interacting with their community but it seems kind of ridiculous at this point considering that you can see that Cyan visited the forums 6 hours ago.
  2. Do you guys remember when...

    i have never played a game that has gone under, a mmo specifically so i dont know the signs that come with it but does it look like aion is going to to be going over the rainbow bridge this year to you guys? as i really dont want to keep spending money on the game if that looks like the way things are heading. not trying to be a Debbie downer ive only been back since september and was gone since like 4.8 so idk what the game was like in between that hiatus as i didnt keep up on any of it but it just seems like things keep getting more and more quiet in the forums and the game as well
  3. Missing item

    Hello i just came back to the game and seem to be missing a couple of masks from my inventory that im sure i never got rid of.i left at the 4.8 patch so its been a while could the fact that ive been gone so long have been a reason? And if it happened that long ago would sending a ticket do anything
  4. December sales

    @cyan are we getting an updated bcm this month?