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  1. Changes (Directed at you NCSoft/NCWest!!!!!)

    Note that I said I came back like... two or three days ago? Sure, late, but voicing them all the same. That is.. unfortunate. Eh, yeah I truly don't see myself playing longer than a week or so. Which coincidentally will be about just as much time necessary to get every one of my characters to max level and get bored. Not so much as adapting as it is starting over, though.
  2. Let me just start off by saying I started playing about a year or so after the game came out, and in that time I have seen many updates, many fixes, many encouragements, many reprimands and most of all SO many changes. A fair amount of them were good, and for balancing the game. I came back maybe three days or so ago. I almost regret it. NCsoft, why did you ruin one of my favorite games? No trading? No storing things like hard earned kinah or gear (like plumes or gear for an alt) without paying out the ASS (Increased taxes? Greeeeeaaaaatttttt) because you have to use the broker to do so, not to mention if you're unlucky someone will take it from you for doing so. Ruined the old gear system so that anyone who came back from the most recent level cap (75) would have to almost start from scratch, even those like me who had +25 gear (i only had some pieces). Apparently that gear is next to useless, and the gear you gave us is almost as useless. I caught the tail-end of your 'enchant-o-rama' event. You're telling me you're going to sell enchantment stones for $5 a piece huh? That's low, and I will also note that I was reasonably rich before I left for a break the last time (Like 3b roughly) and I come back to 20ish mill and a bunch of WORTHLESS ingots. Thanks NCSoft. You broke not only the trading system, but you also took all of my effort and trials and tribulations, bunched them up and put them into the incinerator and said 'Here, start over. Have fun!' like some sadistic douche. Charging extra to use the skins from Luna? It wasn't always so costly. Oh, and now it really has become a pay-to-win, the whole argument before was sort of silly, given the fact you really didn't buy much off the BCM that was super useful besides for kinah generating purpose, but now you're selling enchantment stones for gear and stigmas? How about you just start selling top tier pvp/pve gear instead, at this rate. I'm more than a little sad NCSoft. I'm disappointed, and what's more, angry. I wasn't top tier as a sorc but I'd say I was way up there in DPS. Now I'm as good in any situation as a mewling kitten, because of your new stupid gear system. Magic boost is now magic attack? Seems like a shitty ploy to get people to Grind! Grind! Grind! all over again. Unenchanted 'ancient' gear one level higher than my maxed out Harvester gear gave better stats, which is just pathetic. You're draining this game for all it's worth and it's a small wonder so many people left in droves. I'd implore you to see the error in many of your aforementioned mistakes, but I'm almost certain whomever is in charge of how Aion operates has their fingers in their ears and has gouged out their eyes with carrots under the assumption that carrots are good for ocular health, and they will continue buggering this whole game until it's absolutely dead. P.S. This 'log in for six hours until you get twenty pieces of a transform' is utterly ridiculous. See above about how I would implore you to change it, but it won't happen. P.S.S BRING TRADING BACK, FFS! More than likely former player, OdinTheWise