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  1. We want good events, not bad world boss omega. I checked the aion of various servers in the world, and each server was better than the NA event.
    For example, aion jp has twice the composite probability ultimate transform. https://event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/aion/2006transform/

    Aion KR can directly buy high-quality gemstone boxes, https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=924844
    If you are unwilling to spend money, you can still have an efficient farm gemstone active copy.

    Aion Taiwan, combine2 A-level minions, regardless of the result, you will directly get a contract of s-level minion. https://tw.ncsoft.com/event/aion/200617_minion/event.aspx 
    There is a box that can open the ultimate transform

    On our NA server, only one omega dropped 2 gemstones, and runstoen and gemstone fragments. There is also a stigma event with a low rate of enchantment. I want to spend money to get higher attributes instead of wasting money.