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  1. Ranger Aether Arrow - How to remove debuff?

    It doesnt apply a debuff, it simply drains their mana by 75% Aether Arrow is typically only useful against Transforms, as the mana pool that they have is significantly high, whilst if you were to use this skill against, for example, another Ranger, which would only have a mana pool of around 5-6k, they could restore that mana with just Regular/AP pots,
  2. Rebel Leather Shoulders

    You cannot get this item anymore, as the boss that dropped it is no longer in the game, the only remaining versions of this shoulder can be purchased from players, but since it is a rare discontinued item, and it is very very unique looking, the price is extremely high. Although, you're welcome to admire mine if you'd like ;P
  3. @Cyan @Hime: Sunayaka Weapon Pieces bug

    @Cyan Any mention of what will happen with the Gold & Eternal Keys after the event ends? theres nowhere near enough boxes that spawn for all of the supply, will there be an NPC after this event ends to hand them in? or are they going to be wasted.
  4. I'm a Poll-dancer. (Get it?) This is a poll.

    just saving the economy guys! I'm actually convinced that Gideon doesn't have a brain.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    but is grinding for 2+ hours for a single omega really a bonus?
  6. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Oh well, I guess there is a positive to all this, with less players farming the eye, that means more tea for me :v
  7. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Okay, enjoy your lifetime commitment to farming a game on its deathbed for the next 'several months' till the next patch comes out.
  8. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    So for a full purified 80 armor set, it will now take 255hours of just grinding fatties. There is 168 hours in 1 week, if someone had 8 hours of sleep per night, and played for 16 hours per day, 7 days per week, they would farm for 112 hours in that week, so it would take them over 2 weeks for farm just the Armor set from scratch. and thats someone who has 16 hours of free time per day. so lets say someone works for 8 hours per day, sleeps for 8 hours, and plays for 8 hours, which is unrealistic but i'll still use it as an example, they would be able to farm for 72hours per week, assuming they can farm for 16 hours on the saturday and sunday, it would take them 3.5 weeks or 24* days to farm JUST the armor. Do you see the issue here NCSoft? How do you expect players to be able to progress for this event? Your prices are unrealistic, your very small community of players are dwindling, and you're forcing us to commit literally our entire life to farming an event for gear that is being replaced completely next patch. Also if theres any mistakes here I apologize, I posted this from my phone.
  9. I'm also struggling with my 206ms from Melbourne, Australia, NCsoft pls help me i spend big $$ xo
  10. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    Remember to stand up and walk around every now and then while farming fatties, sitting down all day puts you at a greater risk of developing a blood clot.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    actually, people are getting the regular 'Caeus' gear from the executioner boxes. But if you look at ingame links, the stats on the regular Caeus, and the Executioner Caeus are indenticle for some reason. Honestly NCsoft should just refund people who used their luna, delete these weapons, and remove them from the game entirely. False hype was created from the stats displayed on the website, while the actual ingame stats are completely different, this is bait and switch, and people are too hastily spending their money before they actually put in any research.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    Yeah, every item has less stats ingame compared to the website stats.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    No, thats the one I was talking about, heres an example of the bow displayed on the website, as well as the one from an ingame link. The base damage is different on all of the weapons.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 7, 2018

    The stats on these weapons from Aioncodex/Mouseclic are different to what they appear ingame. The ingame ones are only equal to roughly +10 prime commander weapons.
  15. How to fix Battle Grounds

    Hi, I'm part of this AFK problem, I participate during the weekend evergales, but the evergale time during week days is literally garbage for anyone with an Asian timezone, obviously not everyone has a suitable timezone for it because of it being an NA server, but the rewards for evergale are too beneficial to just skip out on. I have no choice but to queue for it while i'm at work, and obviously I'm unable to participate while there. If there was two evergale events, one at the current time, and another at a later time, it would be great, but unfortunately, we don't get what we want.