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  1. The Gold Ingot shop currently offers Transformation Scrolls instead of Transparent Transformation scrolls. Does that mean when it is fixed they will remove the trans scrolls and put the transparent scrolls in its place, OR keep both? Has anything been addressed about GP? Like if there be any adjustments or it will remain the same as is right now?
  2. Buying Ncoin

    I've bought ncoin in the past and got it within a few minutes, but the last 2 times i've bought it has taken hours to show up on my account. Has something changed?
  3. weapon

    Whats the two best weapons to combine for pvp? and which type over or under?
  4. MIrash Sanctum - not sure if its just me or not, but when I get to the end boss and she does her aoe 1 shot kill, I didn't see a safe platform, they all had ice dropping.
  5. What's wrong with letting us keep the returning user, I don't mind the extra stuff
  6. GM RhennaYesterday at 16:14 Hello, Please note that your Faction will need to maintain the level 6 landing after the next reset ends for you to acquire the bonus entry. If you have other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Rhenna NCSOFT Support Team -------------------- GM RaphaelToday at 00:39 Hello Daeva, As GM Rhenna mentioned, you will need to maintain the landing level of 6 before the rest. If the landing level drops to level 5, your faction will need to reclaim it, if it drops many times, your faction will need reclaim the landing level as many times as well. This is a challenging task both factions as it will benefit your characters in the end. Hope this clarifies your inquiry. If you have other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Regards, GM Raphael NCSOFT Support Team Am i missing something cause i dont' get it >.< landing is lvl 6 reset and no extra entries