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  1. Hey Bryos ! Thx for the reply...¿Which ones you said are already in-game? I think that yours is just a matter of perspective, I certainly did not see anything close or close every time I go back to the game, I just find repetitive events and the same absurd complexity. I clarify that I do not necessarily talk about going back to "old animations" I actually talk in a single point of that, when it's about teleportation animation, it could be a question of improving arch-daeva one, but it's between the points one of the least important. I would suggest that it would be good to find you good as yo
  2. Hello, I hope it is taken as goodwill suggestions, first of all, Aion is a game that made me have very good times in the past, but unfortunately I must say, I think from 4.0 onwards for every 10 innovations, only one towards that is worth playing and 9 that only made it worse. I hope what I write can serve to help bring the game to a new renaissance like a phoenix. Please if you read and youre agree with the points, dont forget to vote/like the post, thats increases the chance that game devs will give some attention. Greetings ! Fundamental: . Return to the awsome n purfect simpl
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