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  2. 2017 - 2018 Suggestions

    Hey Bryos ! Thx for the reply...¿Which ones you said are already in-game? I think that yours is just a matter of perspective, I certainly did not see anything close or close every time I go back to the game, I just find repetitive events and the same absurd complexity. I clarify that I do not necessarily talk about going back to "old animations" I actually talk in a single point of that, when it's about teleportation animation, it could be a question of improving arch-daeva one, but it's between the points one of the least important. I would suggest that it would be good to find you good as you point out what you find negative, that signals the points with which you agree also, would be more productive your analysis! Greetings.
  3. 2017 - 2018 Suggestions

    Hello, I hope it is taken as goodwill suggestions, first of all, Aion is a game that made me have very good times in the past, but unfortunately I must say, I think from 4.0 onwards for every 10 innovations, only one towards that is worth playing and 9 that only made it worse. I hope what I write can serve to help bring the game to a new renaissance like a phoenix. Please if you read and youre agree with the points, dont forget to vote/like the post, thats increases the chance that game devs will give some attention. Greetings ! Fundamental: . Return to the awsome n purfect simplicity that was in the Aion 4.0 and 3.0. The game has become so tediously complex that it already looks like a college career or a job, that there are three kinds of morphing mode and 500,000,000 different materials, it's just a surging tide and no fun, people just want a game for gaming, not a game for an extra work with no profit. . That to be equipped must reiterate a sequence of farming ad-infinitum, is not fun either, we require more innovation and variety of missions to achieve the goal of get geared decently, that's the reason why NC came to have to really merge servers . . ¿Why not speed up a process for an "Aion 2" with a 21st century graphics engine that includes XBOX and Playstation players? . Championships where to earn real money as a stimulus to attract and keep the public enthusiastic? A model that proved to be widely successful for both Dota2 and LOL, which in my opinion are not as good games as Aion. Details of PVP and PVE (Mechanics, dynamics and economy): . Add "Camera Mode" option. (Like Guild Wars 2). . Statistics for individual PVP and for different group PVP (To generate balance between classes in 1v1). . When giving sets, classes that use double weapons like assasins and gunners, give them both weapons directly. . May the Sanctum Coliseum not consume pots and scrolls. Add battle events at the Colosseum. . Reduce a little the requirement to equip, the game ends up boring you before you finish equipping, or at least that the difference for luggage does not exceed the capacity and intelligence of the player. . Possibility to choose a type of group distribution type "free for all" as a standard in options so you do not have to do it every time you do a group. . Power Shard: Indicator so that it is noticed that it is spending square circle when one forgets it on or that activates automatic only in moments in which one executes an attack. . Cleric: Make it easier to equip the cleric, clerics are in extinction. . When the servers are empty, to allow more pvp action between them in contact with other servers as it happens in the arena. . Allow the use of Joysticks for the fighting game, version possibility for Playstation and Xbox. . Remove the limitation to use only 3 normal stigmas, 2 grater and 1 major, this limits a lot and makes both pve and pvp too predictable and boring, which only limits the level. You can balance by blocking or eliminating certain skills to balance, but at least there is more variable and surprise. . Letting at least some skills run on top of a mount, it is really boring having to continually lower for buffs or initiate an attack. . Add some physical density to the bodies of pjs, mobs and npcs, which are not so transferable. . Add at least one or two more skill bars . Balancing the theme of the moons. Add some surprise factor. . Readjust the subject of lvl up, breaking weapons and what it costs to equip. . Merging of groups on request, as with alliances . Validate invitation in the same way to do group missions in alliance merge mode. . Let the teleporters do not remove the mounts. . That the teleporter in the step to instances does not take the pet nor his level of advance to give me the gift. . Let the stigma shards return, it was a good commodity to trade with. . Remove more limitations on using mounts too many restricted spaces. . Spiritmaster add defense increment to the opponent after the fear as the Sorcerer has when he sleeps opponents or remove that adverse effect to the Sorcerer to balance. . Do something about the screen lag that comes up every time one is going to find them with asmos or the mobs that imitate them. It really ruins the surprise factor in the attacks that. . Order pre-designed and customized by personal configuration for the automatic ordering of cubes, stocks and warehouses. . Extending the limit of missions that one can take 40 is very little for the amount of activities there is annoying. . That the system of enchants and manastones is something more interactive that depends on the skill of the player and not something so random, is really annoying and tedious. . Leave recorded the prices of the personal shop, so you do not have to be putting the prices back every time you enter. . Mowing rewards sometimes only 6000 or 7000 kinah drops without medals, put more rewards.. Problem of Lag in Siegues. Option of everyone looking hooded as with legion clothes maybe that does not lend itself so horribly. . Popup window in Windows, when you are called on demand or someone talks you through chat to give notice while doing other things. . Repair the statistics with details of the instances, the only one that correctly marks Dredgion, the rest does not take account of deaths or points is a disaster. . Fix preview of objects with light effects not seen in the shop preview (such as the orb of the forgotten reian fighter or the neostar shield). . Assassin: It's unfair for mobs to automatically see "advanced stealth mode", it does not make sense for PCs to use a skill, they automatically see everything ruining every strategy in PVE. . The set daevanion 65 too hard to get, a huge waste of time even try, very irritating. . Fire to the one (if youhave not already done so, lol) who think was a good idea to have armors, weapons and accessories broken at enchant him, the servers emptied at least 70% thanks to that genius innovation. I bet it was the same bright mind of the great idea of the eternal-farming road to level 75. Sound, Video and general menu functions: . Option to turn off annoying sounds of certain people and classes. (for example dragon-motion sounds, SW sounds, etc). . Option to change or quit alert sound by mobs. . That when entering AFK and kicked of the server, do not take us out of the game directly but only to the selection screen of characters. Avoid having to restart the slow game. . Ask for the keypad code only once per session. . ¿Optimization!?: When trying to use the HD graphics engine instead of the standard, the game makes me lag in horror mode, having me the following setup: Micro: Intel® Core ™ i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), ~ 4.0GHz // Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Mother: Gigabyte Z97X-G-7 (2x4 1333) // Ram: 16384 MB RAM (2x8GB 2400MHz DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Pro Series) // OS: Windows 10 Pro (64 bits) // Power Supply: Coolermaster RS550-PCAR-E3 550w. Esthetics: . (-) Kawaii (+) Blood. (That the Kawaii is only optional as the skins). . Ability to set-up transparency of chat windows, missions and skill icons just like the minimap. . Ability to set-up the time when chat windows disappear when they become idle. . Leave my hair as it is that do not change with hats and helmets. . Option of short hair without scars or tattoos, to the steel (Typical military court). . Ability to make jewelery and shields invisible. . Increased number of different avatar "motion" animations. . Allow the extensible weapons to be used as skins. . Let me choose which color I want my DP aura to be. . Let me choose what color I want my Hoover to be. . The aesthetics of perspiration animation is better the old (Before the Arch-Daeva). . Better combat animations, such as dragging with lure, that the characters actually crawl across the floor and do not move like chessmen. . Improving root animation, it seems from an 80's game the image of the plant that. . Improve textures on old maps, especially the Abbys and Oriel. . Improve the textures of the doors. . Bring all important NPCs to MAX RANK. The Governor of Sanctum, can not be level 60, is derisory (I suppose Fasimedes preferred to remain remembering those golden times of the game before this decline and decay begins after the appearance of level 65 haha!). . Different animation when interacting with NPCs than to interact with artifacts (some mechanical animation). . Find less animated animations for skills: Skills Assassin of the spin. Skill Templar to the 3rd hit with the . Add more updated emoticons and other modern medals to the LFG. . Whistle animation to call a mount that changes when it comes to artifacts, the whistle fits well only when they are animals. . Ability to change the symbol of the to the icons of the skills. . Ability to change the appearance of SM summons by the older ones that are better. . Arrange with the color code layers and logos (They are not the same colors that represent each faction in the Abbys). . Ridiculous Assassin Skill that turns in the air making swirl and the one that sticks the turn begging (Beast Kick), to change it by some animation better done. . Sorcerer too many skills that make turns in the place. . Ability to move from the screen the location of buffs and altered states, also to hide the "Luna Shop" the Atreian and others occupy much screen. . In the character creator: Changing the location of the male voices of "Young" sounds thick like "tough" and vice versa. . That the dead mobs do not disappear so immediately or have all the same way of dying. . That the effects of the skills have more lasting effects in time and space (lasting the consequences in the environment and pj). Social Details: . Allow a guest passenger on mounts by request such as duels or trades. . Ability to embrace, take hold of the hands of making highfive by means of request such as duels or trades. . Let the Atreian atlas return. . Official patch for Spanish language, the Spanish-speaking community proved to be enthusiastic about the game, it has more than deserved. Gameforge is a failure, I also suggest that the version of Aion NA is also on Steam, which is the largest platform games currently, it does not make sense that this only Gameforge by any agreement they may have (This would apply only if they fix the way in which they broke the game by complicating it to the absurd, seems a self-boycott nowadays towards what it once knew to be). . It is difficult, but, it would be good if the servers are empty offer free pass to other servers with the appropriate equation of ap and gp on the target server according to the rank average. . Block Spam Gold Sellers by patrons. . Option to have more than one brigadier per legion and more ranks. To change deputy by some other military rank, it does not have any sense that has deputy (?) And that the brigadier is the greater rank (?). . Ability to test on the avatar what is in Blackcloud. Nobody likes to invest time and money in something that does not know if it really liked. . New scroll or potion so that asmodianos and they can talk to each other (both must have consumed the product to make it possible). . Remove the possibility that Asmodians and them can communicate through messages by the personal store. Housing and Crafting: . New things for houses, states, studios: Craft Tables, Automatic teleport in Oriel. . Stats and extra buffs for the things you put in the studio. . Warehouse closer to the crafts in Sanctum. . Craft materials with better statistics according to the level of the crafter. . Guestbloom and Heartbloom to special cube. . Aether and essence can pull more than one random drive even if it does not come out in bundles. . Improving the aesthetics and structure of the houses, it is ridiculous that from the outside they seem to have two or three floors and the states, mansions and other inside are just a bigger cube. Add new houses if servers merge comes for real.
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