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  1. I used to run that, and there are arguments for both d/d and d/s setups. Generally speaking if you have low enough ping and you learn how to weave you can run d/d, not only for the added crit but also the extra damage in a shorter amount of time from wielding the second dagger. At lvl 33 when you can get the gold / blue gloves you have higher attack speed as well so having the d/d vs d/s doesn't matter much, as well as post lvl 36 with Silver Coin gear you get the added attack speed from the Shadedrenched Sword and Dagger. If you're lucky and Kromede isn't stingy with her dr
  2. Hello fellow assassins! I just wanted to start a thread for Assassins, didn't see one and wanted to get the ball rolling. Kudos
  3. @Kibbelz, Is there any future plans to have more than two servers that you have heard of? I was one of the many who purchased not just the Deava Pack but the Empyrean Lord Pack, and while it feels unfair that we don't get some sort of priority I understand the traffic these servers are experiencing. I started playing back when the original game was on update 1.5, on the server Mesleamteada for reference. Lurking
  4. Gotta admit this is kinda bogus, was hoping to secure my name especially with purchasing the pre-order pack. But oh well, ain't playin' ely though that's for sure
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