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  1. Guys, is this serious? Where is the 12th anniversary event? We don't see an XP event, no AP event. No events with new skins. No events with hard to get items (reset stone "for gemstone slot", daevanion skill book, stigmas +9+12 or +15, ereshkigal items etc) - Never forget new players. Another thing, clarify the events better, there is a lot of vague information. For example, will gift box items be selectable? The 1 kinah event for enchant and retune was a great choice, congratulations! But we are more and more disappointed every day. It seems that they are lazy or afraid to
  2. This event is ridiculous. In addition to losing all the tents and making it even more difficult to obtain renown with alts to obtain items, this event does nothing good.
  3. We are still waiting for the 12th anniversary event ....
  4. support just replied, they are moving my minion to the correct character. Ty
  5. @Kibbelz what's going on kibblez? you guys literally made a huge mistake making the <[BCM] Grade S Minion Contract Salvage Box> a direct mail instead of a Survey. now i have a S rank minion on a character I don't need and I spent money on this? I have already sent a support ticket requesting to move it to the correct character (the last character i did minion fusion on) please don't let this be another thing players got fooled by. do the right thing and move the minions to the characters people intended to claim them on.
  6. you'd think a game that deliberately messes with the RNG in the game on a daily basis, while selling it's customers items for an extremely high price which will be worthless the next patch , would not have a bug every maintenance they do. extremely sad. if you're going to be cheating your player base at least give them a fraction of what they pay for "a game that works properly" is all we ask for.
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