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  1. Game is kinda boring without crafting. I wish NA aion do something with the Xeross and clearsky crafting so that it won't need crafting recipe and no need to farm heart of stones but with the chance to get it like gilded and noble gilded. Game was quite fun with those crafting things. At least , have something to do for fun, gather materials and try the luck to get those noble weapons and armor. If unlucky , can extract it to get stones and fragments. And can sell it for those who need fragments. Kinah is for those who do crafting. Just spending your times and u can buy prestige from P2P and c
  2. It's not even that we're asking for free. We're using our available tokens to transfer. Some of my friends can't do anything since they've already used up in minion event. In that case, that is acceptable. If no one know, you can transfer. Once all people know, you all stopped transferring. What's the meaning of it? Because you guys were doing extra works because of this transfer? Or if it's because of the rules then what's your action for those who're already got it? If rules were same for everyone how would you make up for it that it was fair to everyone. It's always the same. See the Hambo
  3. forget it, drop rate was too low yet it didn't come in as selection box. 5 runs 0 drop, guess it's another form of trolling players. So hard to get yet it only drops at the instances where only geared ppl( most of them already have extend and divine imbued weapon) can do. They're like" Yes, we will give extend event as you requested but only for alt of ppl who are supporting( paying) us. Done our part, we indeed made "EXTENDED WEAPON" event. Isn't it? 😕 ". Such a shame, it's not even an event. Wonder did they know what's happening in the game or not. They have no idea what's the event driven
  4. I totally agree with @Malachyte-KT that those p2w players are the ones that make server alive. And it’s not like they’re getting it easily. They already gave a lot of contributions in past events and this event update is really fair for them IMO. Don’t forget that to get these much of extra money to spend, they work hard in their real life. F2P grind in the game and P2P grind in their real life. What’s the difference? They deserve it and congratulations to all getting ultimate transform. I myself am F2P player and know the frustration of this game, BAD rng and less availability. Even thou
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