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  1. Oh, I found it, level 9 Certification of Daeva quest, it was impossible... Well, I found another supply toon of mine, Songw2eaver lev 10, with Daevanion (Homewardbound event kid), he got these wings It's a pity I spent 2 Archdaeva Remodeled Danuar armor boxes and 1 weapon box, they became in deficiency now, but a kid from Homewardbound event must return this debt on lev 66, I hope so... And I have still older Homewardbound toons who chanced to get normal manastones of choice in their prizes, and I opened them as Flight Time+7 manastones. Together with Archdaevic tradeable gear, it helps very much to grow new toons - I take Archdaevic shoes, gloves and sometimes more armor pieces, fill them with those untradeable Flight Time manastones, give a toon an Archdaevic weapon, fill it with normal old manastones like Crit Strike 17-19 or Magic Boost 27-29, can put skins on anything and not worry about changing gears, when it affects skins, from lev 10 to 76-80. I'd like there to be more Archdaevic gears again! Especially Of The Labyrinth, they have good blue weapons and shoulders skins! I'd like those Norsvold-Verdict wings be available as a skin again!
  2. Today I started to play a character that was level 18 and stood in Beluslan since long ago. The cube and the warehouse were quite expanded long ago, it was a storage toon which I rarely visited. I renamed him to FireFlye (the forum still shows a number). I took all visible quests and campaigns there, the campaigns directed me to Kidorun's Campsite. There I talked with Cheska, took a campaign quest about the disappearing Paeru's father. I read the pamphlet and saw the video cut scene when Paeru tells how his dad likes wine and that he had a bottle with him that I had to find on the bridge of heaven. Then I went to Beluslan Fortress by walk to see if there are any regional quests that I didn't see otherwise. Also, I wanted to change my appearance before doing those campaigns, I expected to record videos in the Mine Port and other, and also there were some lower level quests (Falling Fragments) not yet done by me, and I wanted to find when they would give me the flying exam, cause it seemed strange not seeing it at lev 18 and 19. I remember, I recently (a few months ago) had started 2 new toons and when they played through Beluslan they got Verdict Wings that look like Norsvold wings (Asmo, yellow fiery) and have 30 sec flight time, it's written on them "Can be used above level 10". (I apply a screenshot). I forgot from what quest exactly they received them, and in the list of their completed quests they don't have the flying exam, I read everything! Now I wanna receive these wings on this character I'm growing now. I didn't find the flying exam quest immediately when I got to that place with that npc. I went to some yellow triangle that appeared there in some of main buildings (Grundt or Nerita) and suddenly I was teleported to Pandemonium to Agehia and when I clicked on her my level leaped from 19 or 20 to 31 or 32 and they talked to me about Gelkmaros or smth like that! What the nyerk??? I only started Beluslan, I wanted to complete all campaigns and quests, record the video in the Mine Port about Lepharists taking Peru's father aboard their ship, go to Alquimia Research Center like I did on those recent toons on patch 7 and receive the Verdict wings! I didn't want to get +12 levels by 1 click and lose all those quests! When I returned to Beluslan Fortress after modifying my appearance, with level like 32, then I saw the light-blue quest of flying exam on the npc near that thing with rings, the quest said level 10! So why didn't I see it on level 18 when I originally stood on that place and searched for it, I don't know! I didn't see a triangle in Grundt's building, if it was necessary to open the flying test. I did that quest and got only little kinah, no wings! Clicking on Grundt or Nerita and getting to level 31 immediately for doing nothing was absolutely unexpected and confusing, I had grown many toons before and nothing had ever been so crazy! Then I only succeeded to complete the campaign about finding the bottle on the bridge, but Stua didn't give me the quest to enter the Mine Port using a key, and I can't get any quest with the video in the Mine Port and go to Alquimia! Still worse, I can't find how to get the Verdict Wings?? This skin is not available otherwise! In the list of campaigns in Progress I see many Verdict armor pieces and weapon, but nothing about wings!! Please tell me where characters get these wings?? Can I get them now, or nevermore, because of getting +12 levels at Agehia?? If I lost my wings because of that 1 click or 2, the game is very dangerous, please remove these crazy level leaps leading to losing quests and rewards, or warn the players when it's going to happen to them, or let them get back to the quests they wanted to do and get the rewards they wanted to get!!!
  3. Beluslan memories

    Beluslan was sweet to play back in the day! Music, winter, flying from Bakarma to a ship, getting under the lake below the ship, riding there seeing the mobs above you... Now there are strange things how the player's level suddenly leaps +12 and the characters loses the possibility to do some quests and get some rewards, or I don't understand something, I'll ask it in a separate topic.