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  1. I didn't have time to delete the characters I created in Aion Classic. Well, maybe I'll delete them after the maintenance? I will leave only one for an experiment. Life is a game too. We do things for getting experiences. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Life is not life and death is not death. I will resurrect at an obelisk on the planet Erra of Taygeta star of Pleiades. And will have a reset before deciding to which game and to which server I'll go next... I hate the Balaur, really! But I need to rethink and re-group with my allies so that we have enough power to defeat them, STRONG
  2. I live in Russia and play from a Russian IP. Russia is in the list of "Blocked Countries" . Even though I 'm writing from here today, but I wanna be sure that I won't be blocked tomorrow for "logging from a blocked IP" because I created a new character in a new game on my account, even if it's a very old account??? Tell me please, because I don't want to lose an old legitimate account because of a shady experiment with a shady new game! It costs nothing to me at this moment to delete it, just tell me valid information!!! The system ALLOWED me to create this character from my Russian I
  3. What??? What autoban script??? Does it occur due to creating a character in Aion Classic? I created 1 and could log in on the next day or 2.
  4. What restrictions? Will it be like that old Aion game that was in reality? I started to play in 2013, it was free and there was the Abyss, the best place in the game, with a large sky to fly. And with red and violet vortices, beautiful colors, magma in the Upper Abyss. I basically go to this game for the sake of the Abyss, and black-orange sky in Brusthonin and Theobomos on the times of "Vortex" (rift between factions). Will the patches follow the same way, will there be the Abyss (on what patch?) , will there be same bikes, same skins , same events? If there is no Abyss right now a
  5. "Log in to Aion servers on June 16th to make your character early, reserve your name, and unlock an exclusive pet for reserving your account!" Maybe they mean that if you create a character on June 16, the exclusive pet will be a reward? I created my character today. I didn't see any pet... Too late?
  6. Can I play without Siel's Aura?
  7. I think you don't need it. If you don't have Aion installed, just download the NC launcher, it's a separate process. Then launch the launcher, log in and select "Aion classic", it will make you download Aion Classic. Unfortunately they don't give any settings right now when you log in to Aion classic, it's full screen and impossible to change it to windowed mode :( When I tried to make a screenshot of my character in the editor I just got a black screen in my capture. I tried with 2 different methods - by Irfanview and by Yandex Screenshots that is bound to the Print Screen button. Both
  8. Oh, I found it, level 9 Certification of Daeva quest, it was impossible... Well, I found another supply toon of mine, Songw2eaver lev 10, with Daevanion (Homewardbound event kid), he got these wings It's a pity I spent 2 Archdaeva Remodeled Danuar armor boxes and 1 weapon box, they became in deficiency now, but a kid from Homewardbound event must return this debt on lev 66, I hope so... And I have still older Homewardbound toons who chanced to get normal manastones of choice in their prizes, and I opened them as Flight Time+7 manastones. Together with Archdaevic tradeable gear, it helps ver
  9. Today I started to play a character that was level 18 and stood in Beluslan since long ago. The cube and the warehouse were quite expanded long ago, it was a storage toon which I rarely visited. I renamed him to FireFlye (the forum still shows a number). I took all visible quests and campaigns there, the campaigns directed me to Kidorun's Campsite. There I talked with Cheska, took a campaign quest about the disappearing Paeru's father. I read the pamphlet and saw the video cut scene when Paeru tells how his dad likes wine and that he had a bottle with him that I had to find on the bridge of h
  10. Beluslan was sweet to play back in the day! Music, winter, flying from Bakarma to a ship, getting under the lake below the ship, riding there seeing the mobs above you... Now there are strange things how the player's level suddenly leaps +12 and the characters loses the possibility to do some quests and get some rewards, or I don't understand something, I'll ask it in a separate topic.
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