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  1. The bundle is called ultimate, but the description has legendary. Is this a glitch or intentional?
  2. Legion Ranking Reset?

    I would be happy if the cap was removed. It doesn't "mean" anything really, but as Haniya said, it is still a feature I would like to use.
  3. Legion Ranking Reset?

    When was the last time the legion rankings were reset? There are many legions on the list that haven't been around for a while. Can we get a reset like we do with GP? @Cyan
  4. Glory Point Reset

    When are we getting the GP reset? The return to katalam patch notes explicitly state there was going to be a reset. See here > competition seasons: https://www.aiononline.com/news/return-to-katalam-patch-notes Competition Seasons 1. Competition Seasons will restart on 1/30. Crucible Spire seasons will run for one week each. Arena and GP seasons will run for 4 weeks each. GP rankings (separate from season ranks) will not be reset at maintenance, but will be reset starting on 2/26 and every 4 weeks afterwards.
  5. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Thank you all for input! I reported them for damage hack. NCSoft can review if they hacked or not. I find it difficult that 6 people, mainly one person, can take agro and DPS from an entire league. Blows my mind.
  6. General question - a league (two alliances) of elyos spawned the world boss in katalam and after the boss spawned, another group of just 6 people out DPSd the alliance (somehow?) and those 6 got all of the WB loot. Is this an offense?
  7. Making Kinah

    And for the kinah boxes, you have to wait until it randomly shows up in the craft menu right? How do you xfer money between chars?
  8. Making Kinah

    Hello! Me again I am struggling to make any kinah. Back in the old days I crafted attk speed and running scrolls for kinah, but that is gone. Coming back to the game, I have not yet found a good money maker. Any suggestions? (I do not want to spend real money on this game, please do not suggest BC Coin). Thank you!
  9. SL (ez) - Weakening Draugh

    This is what we were doing wrong!!! Pulling lever first and then agro. Y'all are life (and sanity) saviors. Thank you so much!
  10. SL (ez) - Weakening Draugh

    Hi all! Been trying to defeat the first boss, weakening draugh, in sl (ez) and he keeps flooding the map with poison and auto killing entire party. How do you dodge this/prevent it? Thank you!
  11. Vandal Stats for Tuning

    Hi all! Back to the game after a break since 4.0. I am playing vandal now and have no idea what the best tuning stats are. I am thinking attk speed, accuracy, and crit. Is this right? What are ideal numbers for pvp? Thank you!