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  1. Elyos hackers and NCsoft doesn't care.

    Ugh, I didnt say there aren't any asmo hackers. There are. Hacking in general if that makes you feel better. And no, it is not easy to get gear, not by any stretch of the imagination. Gear acquire is impossible, without at least 4-5 hours a day of gameplay which most responsible working class adults don't have.
  2. Hello, I believe the title says it all. Every once in a while I'm running into gliding hackers from legion "One" in Ely side Katalam server. I guess abusing in-game glitches and bypasses is now entirely legal. Fake-jump teleporting in IB is the new normal and hacking with no animation as well as glitching the shield buff to keep it on infinitely. Has NCSoft all but abandoned this game to its fate? I wonder what the point of keeping the game servers on is anymore, considering its also all about gear, 0 skill rotation, 0 abilities, 0 weaving, 0 tactic. It's all about p2w or farm hard for the DL+15 gear, then P2W some more for the stigmas & getting the ulti xform. There is 0 balance between classes, the new vandal class is utterly broken, Testing it in Pandemonium, the class doesn't even follow its own skill instructions as far as damage mitigation goes. SW is still a 2 shot cc class. AT is utterly broken. Original classes stand no chance in 1v1's unless they are coming with a group. The game's faction imbalance is insane. All old gear is entirely irrelevant. The differences between DL+15 and Legend+15 gear is astronomical. A DL+15 player will make a legend +15 player, feel like they are lvl 10. - Has NCSoft completely lost their mind with this game? -This game had the potential to be a wow beater from the git-go. They have turned it into an utter shithole. Deleted all skins, re-configured game with the xforms which do not make any sense whatsoever. -The enchantment rates are not even close to South Korea's enchantment rates. Wasted over 83 stigma stones and could not get a stigma to go past +9. -Question to NCSoft: Are you like baiting players into spending real hard earned cash $ and offer 0 support to the community? Doesn't that breach NCSoft's own rules of agreement where it says that the manufacturer must also adhere to these rules of engagement? Pretty sarcastic if you ask me. When will NCSoft actually have active, online GM's that actively engage in the game, witness a hacker, moment they're caught, permaban, instantaneously.
  3. I feel as though they've completely ruined the game. Aion used to be a game all about beautiful design, skins, siege and open world pvp. They've added the xforms, supposedly to stop hackers. That's fine but there is a problem with that, they ended up hurting their own players and killed their fanbase. Ncsoft should learn you can make more money appeasing your players, not making your playerbase lower. There should be a toggle on/off for the xform skin, not transparent scrolls, like you have to pay to temporarily see your character? wtf .. the enchant, socketing and xform combine rates of all kinds should be slightly higher. NO one says they should be easy, but more achievable. How can they hope to turn things around and get more players, when every update they do deletes their player base? The new class painter is extremely overpowered. Yesterday I was telling Arhangelos-KT, i did not have a chance to even press X to unsheathe my greatsword. I was dead. shot for 39k, 22k and 41k dmg within 1 second. No casting, no animation. What has the game turned into? what is ncsoft's mmorpg strategy, ,more importantly. At this rate I'd rather pay for a pay to play subscription Aion month to month basis and get everything included in the game. the difference between the gears is absolutely insane. Someone in Dark Talon +15 is like a lvl 80 and someone in a dark talon +0 is like a lvl 25'er.