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  1. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    Paladinus you are still alive? I thought you quit and sold your account?
  2. Coming back to Aion

    Thanks big guy, enjoyed the chat.. Maybe I will see ya around!
  3. Coming back to Aion

    That's cool. how is the population now that its all consolidated?
  4. Coming back to Aion

    Saw an interesting youtube that popped up and decided to look for something to do till WoW classic comes out. Played the shit out of the game since Ariel was merged into Siel and siel was obviously merged into what looks like KATALAM. I was under the impression this game went straight to Game forge from NC/NA tanked and would be strictly EU based. Not wanting to deal with the server lag and low showing at fort sieges I unsubbed a long time ago never to return but at last here I am. Wondering if there are any old Siel players left playing this game or if its just a bunch of new trolls hording all the combat points to stay at 5 star to transform. How are the ratio's? Last time I logged in people still weren't really sieging anymore just cause the lag was retarded and it was always very one sided. Faction wise are Asmos still winning? Any good legions around? Be nice to catch up with some old siel people. Holla