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  1. there's a lot of skill changes that happened throughout the game and that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about a skill that isn't working as the original game, and there were no nerfs to this skill at that time.
  2. @KibbelzTemplars have a shield stun called "Shield Counter IV" that would stun any target with 1000 stun resistance and even transforms but it's not working properly as the original version. Can someone look into it? Templars don't have much CC abilities and we depend on stuns so this is really game breaking.
  3. I don't remember seeing any elyos making forum threads about faction imbalance when asmos(Nod,BigMistake,etc) had most of the WB that dropped the only extendable weapon in the game.
  4. Did i say a few months = 2 years? I said it took most people 5-6 months after 7.0 to get their cubics because i didn't play this game during 6.2 when u can get the cubics easily, but i don't think it should take people 2 years to get their cubics in 7.5. I think u will find the cubics in the BCM eventually(not that i'm in favor of this but it is what it is)
  5. What instance gave u bronze,silver,gold, plat atk, accuracy,magic attack, defense etc cubics all at the same time in the last patch which u were able to do daily? The only cubic instance I was aware of that awarded specific cubics for bosses was cubic lab which did get changed from daily to weekly but the reward amount was increased.
  6. Cubics last patch were not completed in a day or a month so I ask you again, why should u get to finish your cubics in less time than those that did spent time getting their cubics the last patch? And How much time are u expecting to finish all your cubics this patch? I will give u that it's more tedious to get cubics this patch since they had people doing different tasks the last patch to get them.
  7. It took a few months for most people to complete their cubics, why should you get to complete your cubics in less than that amount of time? And how much time are u asking to spend to get all your cubics done?
  8. Most classes this patch have some sort of area of effect skill and those that don't have some utilities that benefit the group in different ways, so group up and stack all the monsters together and burn them fast to optimize your time spent farming or farm them one by one it's your choice
  9. I know this sounds revolutionary and drastic but how about instead of farming 100 mobs one by one and get repeatedly ganked by the same player by yourself and finish by the time aion 8.0 comes out, how about everybody becomes a little more social and join or form a group to farm more efficiently and fight off asmos trying to kill u? Unless I'm mistaken u don't roll on cubics. And if it's an overly geared player taking down a whole group of new players u can always notify your faction of their location since I'm sure older players will want to hunt them for fun.
  10. DO NOT ADD THIS AUTO HUNTING BS IN THE GAME. They finally got rid of the auto hunting bots and now u want to bring them back? I know PLENTY of people who farm titan coins, xp marks and now the ice cream cones legit manual and if u bring this shit there's going to be people everywhere afk taking spots. LET PEOPLE PLAY and those who don't want to play there's auto hunting MMOs on rails for mobiles.
  11. Thank God Ashes of Creation is turning out nicely because ncsoft servers are losing players by the droves due to their lack of good management and understanding about what players in the North America region expect in an MMO. I've been playing this game since the official launch in 2009 and I have seen all the phases from an asmo and elyos perspective. Any sense of accomplishment like Dark Poeta S rank, winning inner fort siege not by numbers but by strategy, crafting the hot heart of magic, crafting a Balic weapon, winning an extendable from Theo labs, bakarma, inner forts or world boss,
  12. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the overpriced items in your store (enchants, stigmas, luna, transformation scrolls) and lack of various items we don't get that other regions do. If u look and compare the BCM to the BCM in the Korean region and our LUNA price to their QUNA they have way more variety of things and much cheaper. Every single Korean I know in this game that lives in North America tells me in Korea it's much easier to gear because the store items are much cheaper. That's why they have multiple geared alts in Korea and people could barely gear up 1 character let alone 2 in NA s
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