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  1. GL , The aion community will always remember you.
  2. Where do returning players get emotes from?
  3. awesome event for players that recently returned. Thanks ncsoft.
  4. same... I only been back a couple weeks and this was my best option to try to get a legendary transform, also spent over 100 gold ingots + 1800 ncoin on this, they should tell us if something is going to be limited time... do we even know if this was intentional or a bug?
  5. The game is smaller and not as populated as before, learning curve is going to be high as everything has changed and there are a lot less resources out there to find info on the current state of the game. Geared players are so far ahead that it will be hard to catch up, the worst part is the transformations that are hard to get and give already geared players a huge advantage over players that are returning and don't have access to them. Expect to need to spend some $ in the BCM if you want to play and actually have fun.
  6. I have been buying gold ingots on two of my characters to get a legendary transformation and even bought the 1800nc coin legendary breath to combine with them and they are now removed from bcm? was this intentional or is it a bug?
  7. I've only been back to the game for a short time, but I just watched a video that claims that there is no crit or mag crit caps. If you are very geared and slot only crit on a ranger, you will have about 44% crit chance with 8381 crit. At least that is what I got out of the video, here is the video in question:
  8. I returned to the game 2 or 3 weeks ago and here are a few things I wish I had known. don't throw out old weapons if you are a duel wield class as they might still have some use. Don't buy any godstones or idian. Don't throw out old skins, they might be worth something. Make a bunch of alts and afk luna on them daily, on a few do not craft the luna just keep the mats to make transformation contracts and get the free transformation mats from bcm to these alts, distribute evenly among them so they can all work towards them at the same time. Buy gold ingots (as ma
  9. Thanks for the reply. I guess I have to think about spending money or just log out and don't log back until they have a decent event worth returning for with some way to get a transformation.
  10. New and returning players need a path to get a decent transform, we can't catch anyone or get away from anyone... we need some mobility, we are more than a little squishy... These sprout pots are crap, I was doing all the event stuff and after a few days I had 4 bloodmarks, decided to go into katalam and got 40 the first day and 40 the second day and was able to get a weapon, I should never have waisted any time waiting for someone to come click on the sprout pots.
  11. I wish they made a guide with info for all this stuff. what do we do with the BCM mats that they just released? what is the best way to get the other mats we need for these ancient and legendary transformations contracts? Thanks.
  12. ok, so now we have transformation contract mats in the store for ancient and legendary... but how do we use them? I searched the forums, reddit and youtube vids but can't find any info on this. I looked at the morph menu and see a morph for 1 ancient contract but it doesn't use the new BCM mats so im guessing this is something else? Also, are there any other ways of getting the shards things we need, other than the lugbug missions? sorry I have so many questions, still kinda lost with all that has changed.
  13. They messed up then... the bug looked like a legit new feature that was added to the game. Where did it say only one character could be jumped to 80? I figured they added a insta-level up button to attract people back to the game without any grind to lvl. Doesn't gw 2 have something similar?
  14. Thanks for the replies, so much has changed, returning players need to be careful so they don't make mistakes like me... I deleted skins that are valuable now, deleted old weapons on a sin that could have been used for dual wield with new weapon and then bought a para godstone I cant slot... lol i'm on a roll.
  15. Can the old (blue) godstones still be used on new weapons? or only old weapons? When I tried to put a old godstone on a lvl 76 weapon, it said I could not use it on that weapon. So I then tried one of the newer godstones that have a chance to break, and I couldn't put that on the weapon either... When I view details on geared players, I don't see a godstone on their weapons, only a appearance skill. So im wondering if godstones are still even used or if I am doing something wrong. I tried to search godstones here in the forums but I get results that are not rele
  16. I noticed that I can't slot a old godstone into a new legendary weapon, are all the old blue godstones (that don't break) useless now?
  17. Thank you! They should sticky this, this is gold for people looking to get back into the game.
  18. Well you remember that old crap sandwich that you used to enjoy so much? Well old sandwich is gone, new sandwich is smaller, needs you to buy condiments from bcm, but is made by the same chef using his same signature rng sauce. Good for casual play and some nostalgia, but I wouldn't throw any money at it.
  19. Thanks for the replies, it really helps a lot and I appreciate it. I guess I just do lugbug weekly's and wait for a event then.
  20. So you are saying... 6 months grind and a few thousand dollars just to get to a point where you are pvping without a huge gear disadvantage? Crazy.
  21. Returning player with a quick question, How do we get transformation contracts? I see they sell bundles on bcm, like $100.00 for 1 ancient and a bunch if random ones. Black cloud coins. Luna fortune game. Prestige coins. Gold ingots. Are there any other ways? How would someone get a legendary contract at the moment? Thank you, I appreciate any info you guys can give.
  22. At some point there wont be enough population to support keeping the game up on the servers. When this inevitably happens... I doubt ncsoft is going to let the community know how bad it is, instead they will probably try to get some players back and try to attract new players too. Maybe the existing playerbase needs new/returning players more than you think? As for the event itself, it is pretty bad... the reality for returning players is that rng is still here and unless you spend in the bcm, there is no chance to gear up and be competitive in this game. I mean honest ques
  23. support was like "ok, we will let our bug people know, thanks" so if it works.. it works, and if it doesn't then they already know.
  24. Thank you very much for this, I really appreciate the help.
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