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  1. My question is. Why do people get so mad when someone farms hp from mobs or dummies or whatever during a duel? Isnt the idea of a duel the same as when trying to survive vs an elyos. I remember back in like 4.x some people would get mad at people for using pots during duels and call them noobs and stuff... imagine asking an SM not to use fear for a duel ?
  2. Hello, can any of you GMs answer me please. What is the plan here, for the game I mean. Where is it going, when we log on everyday what are we working towards as legions and as factions. It just feels as though we just log to do instances and afk.
  3. The pine moon lover being solo loot is ridiculous considering they spawn for only 2 hours every day. Maybe if they spawned through out the day making them solo loot would make sense but right now it just makes it impossible for those with low gear to even have a remote chance at those moon mobs. Please change it
  4. At this point I'm pretty certain its obvious that the event ludbug quests were meant to be done with the auto hunting system that was never introduced to NA. Why has nothing been changed? Only people with no form of life can literally sit there and complete those quests. @kibbelz do you guys care about the game or have you all decided the game is dying anyway so you might aswel milk the p2w players for all the $ before its completely shut down. And for God's sake can we please make legendaries easier to farm, this is ridiculous...
  5. hi, what are the stats required for glad to do the hard mode Instances?
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