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  1. my gf, who returned AFTER the update, she did not receive the returning player title but we r just going to try and avoid the stuff from that as far as i know it may be just our characters though i did recieve it
  2. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - January 11, 2018

    no my gf is a returning player right now and both of us have previously been able to get the drop pots when the event was going on, even when we where not returning players. currently she is returning and the marker is not showing up on her name but it IS showing up on mine and i'm NOT a returning player
  3. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - January 11, 2018

    Previously during the HB event, drops/xp pots would be for EVERYONE to use, is this not still true? my character shows returning player ( my gf's doesn't) and she can't pick up the pots
  4. I wish PVE 65+

    thanks alot for the words of encouragement it helps and i will work on it
  5. I wish PVE 65+

    my girlfriend and i both play Aion, and we really enjoyed working the lower levels together, strengthening ourselves and not worrying about the PVP, we stayed out of the abyss and major PVP areas but now that is unavoidable, its nearly impossible to leave Azphel's Sanctuary as a squishy ( i'm a sin she is a sorc) and when you CAN leave there, its only a mater of time before you are killed off by enemies who you work to avoid and steer clear from, out of curtsy, in case they are monster farming ( as my gf and i tend to do at times as well) its gotten impossible for her to leave lvl 67 and for me to overcome 68. it has gotten so frustrating, the guild we managed disbanded and went our separate ways due to the stress of getting killed just by walking out of the gate, here is a simple solution: make a PVE ONLY server, and let us transfer characters there, if you do not want to join in the PVP stay out of THAT server. make the ONLY pvp in that server the Abyss, a standalone PVE server shouldn't be difficult to run even with the recent server merges. thank you for all of those who at least read this and to those that are civil about the discussion.