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  1. After 7.5 update they changed audio samples for notes and few of them contained flicks, also few of of them had incorrect duration. So I changed all samples for piano and accordion, and you can take my fix here, to apply fix you need copy paste "housing.pak" into "Aion's game folder/Sounds/housing/" and rewrite original. More info and comparison also can be found here. Example of how it's sounds with fix:
  2. Small detail: before register new skin it's should be with default color, so remove dye if you painted it before.
  3. At least something usefull from you, and calm down boy. You can agro on your friends in school.
  4. Maybe if you bothered to read my first comment you can figure out what im tryed it. And yeap it's not helped. Furthermore I dont had any issues before with tickets.
  5. So supports works for you? Congrats but you advices was pointless.
  6. Did you tryed your advice? Cause support dont work for everyone right now seems, and it's not ad'block issue.
  7. Good question, cause im noticed, that chances what im posted above was for leg. to ultimate. For ancient to leg: x2 (ancient: 64.5%, green: 30%: legendary: 5.5%) x3 (ancient: 74.0%, green: 15%: legendary: 11.0%) x4 (ancient: 83.5%, legendary: 16.5%) x5 (ancient: 78%, legendary: 22%) x6 (ancient: 72.5%, legendary: 27.5%) So it's not so bad as I thought, but still not so easy. p.s. for green to ancient, same chances like for ancient to leg.
  8. What you expected? When you combining ancient tforms you have such chances: x2 (ancient: 67.24%, green: 30%: legendary: 2.75%) x3 (ancient: 79.5%, green: 15%: legendary: 5.5%) x4 (ancient: 91.75%, legendary: 8.25%) x5 (ancient: 89%, legendary: 11%) x6 (ancient: 86.25%, legendary: 13.75%)
  9. Main point it's wipe opposite team and lock with fire wall in moment of kunax spawn. So if you can't do it it's means what you had fair pvp only and kills means nothing, maybe you just killed 1-2 same ppls again and again while others was always alive.
  10. got 200gp for win (300 with prestige pack)
  11. I'm tested on player and never seen, is more clear? And it's hidden cause that passive skill not in list.
  12. Against mobs but not against players, players should have hidden godstone supression passive skill. Not tested by self, but never seen any godstone proc since update.
  13. Collect skill books, make A minions, craft ultimate gear and collect legendary pvp stones.
  14. Even +0 ultimate gear better than +15 legendary. And you need a ton of mats anyway, prices will slowly drops, so after 1-2 months it's would be be not hard to make half-full set of ultimate gear for new players. Future events can change a lot though.
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