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  1. After 7.5 update they changed audio samples for notes and few of them contained flicks, also few of of them had incorrect duration. So I changed all samples for piano and accordion, and you can take my fix here, to apply fix you need copy paste "housing.pak" into "Aion's game folder/Sounds/housing/" and rewrite original. More info and comparison also can be found here.

    Example of how it's sounds with fix:


  2. 3 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    Considering the fact you attacked me with "have you bothered to try your own advice" implies you haven't tried it yourself. If it doesn't work, then it simply means support page is down.

    If you really want to contact support directly, then send an email to support@aiononline.com

    If you have a personal stigma against me, I recommend you ignore every single statement I write here on forums, that way you'll make yourself look less like an idiot.

    At least something usefull from you, and calm down boy. You can agro on your friends in school.

  3. 5 hours ago, DinobotSSJ-KT said:

    Thank you for this info Aroch, by any chance do you know the rates for getting the Ultimate transformation by combining legendary?

    Good question, cause im noticed, that chances what im posted above was for leg. to ultimate.

    For ancient to leg:

    x2 (ancient: 64.5%, green: 30%: legendary: 5.5%)

    x3 (ancient: 74.0%, green: 15%: legendary: 11.0%)

    x4 (ancient: 83.5%, legendary: 16.5%)

    x5 (ancient: 78%, legendary: 22%)

    x6 (ancient: 72.5%, legendary: 27.5%)

    So it's not so bad as I thought, but still not so easy.

    p.s. for green to ancient, same chances like for ancient to leg.

  4. 1 hour ago, OneOneSeven-KT said:

    combine 4 ancient transformation = 0 legendary transformation. 

    What you expected?

    When you combining ancient tforms you have such chances:

    x2 (ancient: 67.24%, green: 30%: legendary: 2.75%)

    x3 (ancient: 79.5%, green: 15%: legendary: 5.5%)

    x4 (ancient: 91.75%, legendary: 8.25%)

    x5 (ancient: 89%, legendary: 11%)

    x6 (ancient: 86.25%, legendary: 13.75%)

  5. 8 hours ago, Rainburrow-KT said:

    Otherwise what's the point of the PvP at the start?

    Main point it's wipe opposite team and lock with fire wall in moment of kunax spawn. So if you can't do it it's means what you had fair pvp only and kills means nothing, maybe you just killed 1-2 same ppls again and again while others was always alive.

  6. On 11/9/2018 at 9:57 PM, DevilNest-KT said:

    at lv 76 everybody gains a pretty high Godstone supression pasive and i don't think is hidden check your passive skills, but is not 100% so procs are still possible, you don't see them just because players use the new weapons, is not really worth to lose a toon of damage for a really low chance of gs proc.

    I'm tested on player and never seen, is more clear? And it's hidden cause that passive skill not in list.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Thiara-DN said:

    but don't be surprised if someone hits you with an old weapon with for example silence godstone in it, they still work.

    Against mobs but not against players, players should have hidden godstone supression passive skill. Not tested by self, but never seen any godstone proc since update.

  8. 5 minutes ago, MemeDream-KT said:

    I find this hard to believe with my personal experience :/

    It's not hard to believe if you used just ancient stones. And if you have patient, you can w8 till 6.5, chances will impooved a bit. Also for red stones you no lose level if failed. And more about experience, I failed 4xtimes in row trying to craft luna stuff with 75% chance once, so... is rng.

  9. VvlDBJ1.png

    And keep in mind, 10 - 28% (for ancient stones, and ancient gear) means you have 28% chance to enchant from +9 to +10. NOT +10 to +11. So after +9 use legendary stone for jump in 'safe zone', then use ancient stones for +11-12 and test your luck with legendary stones only (ancient gear). For Legendary gear, ancient stones absolutly useless after +3-4

  10. On 11/2/2018 at 10:39 AM, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    1. Our kinah was slashed to 40% of what we originally had (deflation of economy while scroll price stayed approximately the same).

    3x scrolls cost before ~60k, now it's ~28k with much better stats (ancient xform).

    On 11/2/2018 at 10:39 AM, 2s3004E2-DN said:

    In 5.8, for example, we could run any easy pve instance and sell off some accessories and other items for a cool couple million kinah in less than an hour

    Still able to get almost same amount of kinahs per hours, just need to sell another stuff.

    Anyway im using xforms non-stop, dying a lot in pvp even and it's last problem which I'm thinking about. Rng with enchanting till +15 from +10 it's MORE painfull than 27k per scroll. Im wasted 100+ pvp legendary stones with zero result (on ancient gear) and you talking about scrolls, seriously?

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