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  1. Any npc, but royal kitten pet a bit better (+5%).
  2. Didn't touched undergeared players long enough, but in one moment one of them just call for zerg and while he was alone he did nothing, but when zerg arrived he happily helped to them.
  3. Every week the same situation happens. And every week 200+ players should to w8 10-30mins pressing same single button.
  4. Because not afkers leave EC often instead of w8ing for lose, as result more free space.
  5. Even 2mins will make a big gap in points, and new players looking on score would be think, "meh another match with losers, alright gonna afk". Afkers should got time limited block for next EC runs, 3-7days of block will be fine.
  6. Was almost zero bots in first days, but today they returned
  7. Do you remember when koreans made changes in mechanics for NA version only? I'm nope.
  8. It's happening for both sides. Same happened with IWW long ago (once I was one in my ally who was online while everyone was dced, opposite side was dced as well).
  9. Check your PC, perhaps you have some trojans or viruses in your system which trying to put their dirty 'hands' in each proccess including aion.
  10. I'm not suprised to hear crying, do you have two heads or four hands? So explain why you need 2 clients for both sides?
  11. Actually it's wasn't bad if you disabled duo-boxing clients. A lot of players exploit it for ruining EC runs of opposite side. +1 voice for disabling it. Or at least in EC time.
  12. You no need wear gear for checking their CR. Simple example, you have two weapons, cannon and harp. Loginned as Gunner, Cannon will have better CR than harp. Loggined as SW, same cannon will have worse CR than same harp now.
  13. Meh, if you look on same gear loggined by warrior they will with another combat rating (CR). Warrior's gear with better CR and for other classes worser.
  14. Why not? Developers forcing us to wear gear for our classes, look on 75ap gear, they all class binded.
  15. Cause you chanter, your gears have better combat rating than gear for other classes. Check on weapons for example.
  16. By calculating contribution points depending on total pvp dmg, received pvp dmg and heals with individual coefficients for each classes. Plus some points for killing bosses.
  17. Why you care about combat rating when gears have some stats which another don't have either: boost skill, paralize and silence resistance, while another with parry and godstone suppression. You can't compare combat rating keeping in mind only same stats.
  18. System which rewarded most valuable players (first 10-20) on lose side would be better than current.
  19. Yeap, but if you die outside of platform and ressurect self fast, boss will regen just a bit of hp and you will start from round 1. You will without full hp as well though. I can't advise anything how survive playing by archer against her, but spending essence points for survive is make you length of fight more longer.
  20. Yesterday I told to my group about blocking, and 2 of 3 afkers in my group begun a play. I'm not asking to block everyone in sight, but when you have 2 supports in group and both afk, it's ridiculous.
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