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  1. 400+ stigmas enchantment stones so far

    Do we have safe spot at +12? I mean who 's crazy enough to go +15 when getting to +12 is already painful. Unless they grow a stigma stone tree in their back yard in Peron or secretly manufacture their own stone at the Shugo lab.
  2. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    Failed twice or three don't remember and was telling myself the next try will be the final one. wasting way too many books. But finally got it on last attempt. https://prnt.sc/r0gzqq
  3. Chanter blessing of wind stigma

    Its not what i meant. I thought i saw previous patch the stigma said 540 additional damage each attack and it did just that? This patch it says 1930 additional dmg each attack and it still doing 540? or am i remembering wrong on the previous patch stigma description.
  4. Chanter 's blessing of wind not updated? Still getting 540 damage per tick in pvp instead of 1970 as stated in stigma. Am i wrong? Previous patch i thought i saw deal additional 540 damage, not really pay attention to the number since dmg is so minimal compare to gunner buff just by having it up. Usually up for increasing attack.