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  1. Gunslinger ( just called it Gunner). I know the patch is new but people were hitting end game dungeons soon as launch rolled out and have been farming them since. I see messages for them all the time even on the new server. So just curious how people feel about their class in performance compared to their group-mates. Some groups have been running together for awhile and they can see the changes collectively as they experience 6.2 together. I'm just trying to feel things out to assist wifey in making the right choice for her.
  2. Could I just get a breakdown for the classes from someone who is actively playing with geared players in 6.2? I noticed Gunslinger wasn't mentions above so not sure where they fall. But if someone could just rank them in DPS order if possible. This breakdown seems to be lacking in the class discussion or anywhere else. Would help a lot of people I bet. Is it Sin/Sorc/Glad Then Ranger/Gunner...then Chanter/Songweaver/Athertech...Cleric/Temp? (I feel like my cleric can do some dps so maybe off?) That is how i would assume DPS should be in this game but could someone with knowledge give the legit insite? Also does any class like Chanter bring something that is considered a must for group. Like Buffs or is there a dungeon where CC is needed and sorc and Songweaver shine (or SM?).
  3. What classes are easier for PVP? So you are saying Sorc and Glad make clearing easier? Is this due to AOE?
  4. Hello all, For those already deep into the endgame of 6.2 could really use your advise. My wife and I are returning and we would like to really see what the endgame is like since we missed most of it. I am making a cleric and she is up in the air with her character. We are going to be 80-90 percent PVE with some pvp (mainly guild events or invasions). We played back when 60 was the cap and I was a cleric and she was a Sorcerer. We LOVED that we could duo some zones (esso terrance/ect) But we read that Sorcerer is not in a good spot. Here is my question. Beside cleric and tank (she doesnt want to tank) what are MUST haves for the hardest PVE content in 6.0. We hear Chanter all the time because of the buffs but how is Songweaver? Is it considered useful or just a liability because its less dps then a dps class and if you dont need the extra healing then it's kinda pointless? She is interested in Songweaver/Gunner/Ranger/Spiritmaster. She playing spiritmaster right now but isnt sure shes liking it due to the dots/pets. Shes open to chanter but she plays back in the day and felt she wasnt doing much dps and doesnt really want to just be a buff bot. Can chanter throw down now? . Anyone, please let me know how some of these classes fair in PVE. I know you can do anything in PVE with any character but we are looking for min/max groups and being a two person staple of those groups. She loves most classes so playing what she loves isn't really her focus (in before someone says...play what you enjoy). She really likes ranger and gunner but they seem to be PVP classes and werent waned in PVE (back when we played). Hopefully you guys can point us in the right direction. Thanks.
  5. Pay to look at your character is dumb

    Please sign if you agree this needs to be changed. Look NCSoft! I am willing to forgive everything else you have done recently if you just give us a menu option to hide transformation. It's SIMPLE and you know it. It's like hiding a hat or cloak in other games. You lied (not ignored...or didn't inform...STRAIGHT LIED about a server being released) and have shown that the last month was all about money not about starting "fresh", but even with all that I am willing to ignore/forgive if you just allow us to hide the transformation. I do not want to play a game where it's like I am walking around comic-con or a "furry" convention. The outfits and armor in this game looks amazing and people put a crap ton of time in designing them, so why force us to be a NBA mascot while we play! Please use some common sense. /Sign HIDE Transformation
  6. Hiding transformations

    Sign, this needs to be changed. Making money is one thing...being over the top greedy is another.
  7. Have pets changed?

    Thanks for the reply but I already knew what it is suppose to do but the description in game has changed. I dont want to buy it till it's confirmed it still locates other players, if not its a waste because its 780 just like the storage pet that also loot is 780. Why get this pet if it no longer serves a duel purpose. I am 90% sure it's just failure to proofread on NCSoft part but not willing to take that chance. The Aioncodex is all pre patch 6.0 atm so until it's updated can't confirm since so many chances this patch.
  8. Have pets changed?

    Evolved Teasing Jefi Egg This goofy pet is a great companion, and runs about to pick up your loot. That is what it reads in the store now. This pet use to loot and alert you when other faction players were around. Before I purchase this on the new server can someone verify it still does loot and alerts? If not the one that does storage for the same price and loots is the obvious choice.
  9. Lost chance with new server

    I will keep this simple and to the point. I have been excited about the new changes to Aion and my wife and I are still looking forward to the changes but feel like the wind kinda went silent with my sails because of the new server. I've been hoping for a new server for a few years because I was in the military and deployed for the last 10 years of my life but when I could I played Aion. Now I am retiring and this new start to Aion brought me back. I used the event to level up and start working on my gear. So you got me NCSoft. Stating that there wouldnt be any new servers and making us all believe that the current servers are the way to play the new patch. I spent some money (yep ya got me) but now the new server is sitting there staring me in the face. I still rather play on the new server and that is where I am heading. But not going to lie, not a fan of how you treated me/us during this process. I fully understand why you did it, money but no matter what you missed your chance. The work put into my character over the last couple of weeks feels like saving money for a special toy/product and purchasing it just to find out a new version is being released in two weeks and you can't take back the older version. If you would of put a little effort into promoting the new server you would of made more money in the long run but it would of taken more work (thou not much). But you miss your chance. Your forums could of been filled with exciting post over the last two months from people looking forward to the new server. Players could have been organizing guilds and events on the server forums prepping for the new server, allowing it to be MUCH healthier for the longhaul but you took that chance from us. You will still make money NCSoft but don't think what you did was worth it. We all believe you are making Aion 2 from the rumors and you could of ended the Aion elder years with some public backing but instead it will just be another instance where people can complain of how mismanaged the game is when it comes to customer satisfactions.
  10. Will we get these if we are only 60 or 65? Does our level exclude us from any of the items in the chest? Master Harvester's Armor Box Master Harvester's Weapon Box Master Harvester's Accessory Box Master Harvester's Hat Box Also looking at the dungeon list, I assume all these dungeons are 65+? And thank you for the table and explanation. Seems that it would be a big benefit to log in before the patch.
  11. My wife and I planned to return for 6.2. We have not played since level 60 ish. Please assume I know nothing because it feels that way. Well with that said, i've been reading the forums about this event and how amazing it is and the items can be exchanged when the new patch goes live. Could someone please explain how to do this? Do I need to + up gear first? Do i just need the item in my inventory? Do I need to farm actual armor and then use the items from the event to + it up to take advantage? What are the items that I should really ensure I farm? Also I have a 65 songweaver and a 60 cleric. I think I am going to main the cleric at 6.2 but does it matter if I farm on my songweaver? Also what zones can I go into solo/group with the 65 and 60 to farm these items? Thanks for the help...planned to just log on oct 25th and figure it all out while it was changed, but this event seems to be a big deal?
  12. Duo returning, need prep for 6.2 assistance

    Aly, Thanks for the great info. I have a follow up question. Will items be sell-able on the trade broker for a new currency when 6.2 comes out? I have a lot of event items that are worth a little bit of money and curious if its better to use the Kinah to purchase things before the transfer or better to horde Kinah. Have like Summer swimsuits and such. What can be purchased with the new currency? Gold bars or something? and Kinah is only for cosmetic items or something useful? Also if the Kinah is in the shared bank what happens to it then? Someone said it needs to be on a character before the patch...if its in the warehouse does it just disappear or can still be transferred to 1 character still Thanks:)
  13. My wife and I are wanting to give AION one more final go. I was in the military for most of the games lifetime and keeping up to date on gear/ect was just never possible for me. Now I am retired and really want to give the game a shot. Since 6.2 seems to be new player friendly, it might be our time. So few questions: Difference in the two servers? We haven't moved our characters (level 65 ish) and want to make the correct choice. We like PVE and some PVP (group pvp not so much 1v1). If your current characters arent super geared is there any reason not to just relevel them? I have a Songweaver and cleric 65+. Would it be better for me to just level them up and get the quest gear/survery gear as I level instead? Are house items account bound? I have furniture ect that I purchased from the store for inventory place. Can I use them on all characters? Are titles still a think? With state buffs ect or is that all transformations bound now? Kinah. Should I transfer that to a level 1 characters I intend to play vice keep it on the current character? I am thinking of maining a cleric..so make a level 1 and give it to him first (I heard its going to be bound at 6.2 launch) Are weapons going to be merged still (2handers) like previously...and are any of the older weapons worth it or only new weapons going to be viable. Is the patch on the test server? If so can someone direct me how to play it. I wanna test out the classes because I heard majority of the skills have been changed for each class. Is there anything else that is super important if you are going from a main to making a new character that if I don't do before the patch drops will screw me or hinder me? Thanks a lot in advance! Vicus
  14. Returning Player with friends...questions

    First, Thank you for answering all my questions. Gives us something to go after now and makes me feel less lost! Second, Could you expand on this please? Why do you suggest a tank/physical dps? Is it just to have the basic trio of dps/healer/tank for group make ups for groups? I think we would be only interested in going a Tank if it was possible to three-man Ap farming groups or if there was an advantage in someway. Or was this for pvp? Just like to get yours and anyone else thoughts. We would really like to try to do zones with just the three of us and if I remember this game like before, it seemed controlling classes with lots of DPS could do most zones without a tank if ya worked at it, and the benefit was more loot your way vice going to pugs. If that makes sense? Is that still possible?
  15. I have a 65 Songweaver..that I completely forgot how to play. Just informing because I feel lost coming back and am looking for answers for the following questions: Server merge. I am Elyos on Siel. My wife and a good friend are going to play. Is there anything special we should do before the server merge? Hes just starting and she has a 65 cleric. When we played before a Cleric and a Sorc could duo some AP zones for farming (forgot the name). We did it for awhile. Are there any zones like that still where some specific classes can duo/trio to increase their AP farming. If so what class combo is best? We are pretty set on Songweaver/Cleric but the third person is willing to play anything. We have the prestige package. Are the items you get from the supervisor a one time only thing? Want to make sure we take it on the right character. Are there any Must buy items off the Market that just makes life easier that has come out since level 65? How is the endgame pve/pvp doing? Are there raids/dungeons that are worth farming? Is there good server pvp...or hopefully good outlook when the server merges? We are looking for a game for atleast a year while we wait for a couple games (Pantheon/Ashes of Creation). My friend has to level up to catch up to us. With the help of some 65's any super easy ways to boost that process...not that it seems hard anymore they streamed-line a lot it seems. Lastly, anything else I should know? Like quest I should being doing daily no matter what or something that requires farming that I need to start right away? Thank you in advance. We are looking to get back into it pretty seriously and want to dive in..but currently I feel like I can't find the pool. Trexon