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  1. "6. Look for low level quests in the maps (by talking to NPCs if you no longer see the quests on them) and do them just for the storyline" Look them up on Aioncodex.com or Aiondatabase.net
  2. Source? They have said we have the 2.7 Client, but that doesn't mean that's where they stop.
  3. I'll do you one better. I noticed the announcement in my default "All" chat tab, but not the default "Normal" which I pulled out as my main chat window. And Normal chat has all System Info channels active. Ask Dev to explain that one.
  4. Well where the hell did it come from? It's obviously not from "Classic" Aion and I don't recall it when I played for a few days on "current" Aion about a week before Classic launched, and it's not in your "patch notes" for server maintenance. My most positive view on this is that maybe this is supposed to be some sort of anti-botting countermeasure.
  5. How about being proactive and informative? You say bots are being banned? Really? How many? No really, I want to know how many are banned daily, each and every day? I didn't notice bots being a problem until I got to Eltnen and ESPECIALLY Theobomos. But in those regions bots are keeping entire map regions clear of mobs (The Klaw area west of Golden Bough Garrison, Kuriullu Pass are especially just INFESTED with bots). I've had to fight bots for kills for quests in these areas, the available spawn is so rare. They're camping world named spawns, which pisses me off because that w
  6. Yeah, this. Look at those L50 numbers. Siel Asmos have 110+ L50s in the Abyss while Elyos had 20? I was in the Abyss a little after siege time, questing my 31 Cleric on rubbish mobs in the Roah Ruins, a good distance from the fortress. Group of Asmos that must have been 50s came to my "safe" Elyos camp, killed the guards, killed the tower, and far as I could tell, didn't even get scratched. Then left me alone and flew away which, kudos for having the decency to not kill an obvious lowbie.
  7. In PvE I go by cooldown rotation. Usually start off with Song of Ice/Fire/Thronesong. This because of the increased damage buff for 30 sec Thronesong gives. Then the other 3 chain one, though I prefer it because it doesn't have a cast time and can be done on the run. Then the double delay and 1-2 something else. That's my basic rotation. Paean of Pain is in the first rotation (after the double 3-chain, before the double delayeds). Then the 1-min cooldown full charge. (aka "Unicorn") to get my heaviest hitter deployed quick. (I don't do full dps spec so I don't ha
  8. It is not 300% exp. It is +100% (so double exp) event exp. The cake multiplies that output separately by another +200%, or 3x. So for a week, it is 2x3= 6x exp. For Friday, tomorrow, it (should) be 4 (100%+100%+200%) x 3x (cake), so 12x. Unless I'm misreading the "additional" to mean 3 (100%+200%) x 3x (cake) for 9x. Berdin stars for quadrupling that. Then next week, it sadly will drop down to just a 2x. *cries*
  9. This is my every day life in Aion. It mem leaks and then crashes, between 30 minutes (lots and lots of people and no shift+f12ing), and perhaps 6 hours (off soloing alone). Then I have to force-murder the aion.bin process and restart. I estimate I get about 2 hours on average. And I have to restart my computer every 2-3 days from the +10% extra memory usage that gets tied up. Sure, I could buy extra RAM, or I could buy a new computer. But not worth it for a single game.
  10. Furthermore, although it will take a very long time, you can get Greater Supplements from Luna Weekly and untradeable [Event] Omega Stones from Luna daily. However, the rate isn't great. I don't know about the daily, but the weekly is probably only about 1 in 3. But it is free, quick and easy to do, and every bit helps.
  11. I went with Siel way back in beta and launch because I DO keep up on the lore and all the quest texts that people just skip, and I respect the Empyrean Lord of Time for her sacrifice, doubly so much later when getting the reveals in 3.0 that Lephar = Israphel who is still alive and gone batshit insane and so who DIDN'T sacrifice himself (the nyerk), making Siel the only one who stopped the literal destruction of the world. Because I find all the quest text fascinating in the game. Plus someone had to THINK all the quest text up for ALL the quests, and then TYPE it up, and (I suppose) proofre
  12. Funny thing is that Iluma is in the Elysea region but feels like Balaurea to me, and Cygnea is in the Balaurea region but feels like Elysea to me. Or: I've heard it said that people feel like there's more Asmos in Iluma than in Norsvold.
  13. Still easier than pre-WoW MMOs. EQ1 took many months to go from 49-50. 40-50 took better than 6 months when that was current content. And with AA that came out later, over years, and growing with every new patch (on top of the occasional +5 levels added), it literally did take years to reach the "cap" when it became hundreds, then thousands of essential AAs you had to grind out. And, aside from that, I play a game (Text MUD) that takes DECADES to reach max level. 15 years I've been playing it, sometimes 16+ hours/day, and I'm only about 2/3 through. (In terms of skill level, the real
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