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  1. I sure hope they have a awesome event, Could you imagine special Halloween mounts like bats or myst hell even a magic carpet to ride lol Or awesome avatar or skins whatevs, Some super awesome stuff like that as well as candies and some Trick r Treating. They are canceling Trick r Treating in the state where I live because of covid so people are majorly decorating this year more than any year I can remember, It's pretty awesome....Sorry ran off topic...Yes any kind of awesome event would be appreciated. Thank You.
  2. I understand the patches really screwed it up for many players and many stopped playing, Is there a way to find out how many players are on a specific server? Also which server is played on the most? I don't know many people everyone I used to play with quit and went to ps that are 4.6 and playing there...But I play here where I been playing was gone for a long time and really don't post on the forums as you can see by my count of post. So, Is everyone on one server or the other? If there is a main server with lots of active players which server would that be? Thank You
  3. Why not create a server that goes back to 4.6 and give it a test and see how many people come back as well as leave current server just to start all over again on 4.6 where you can start gathering at level 1 get and being able to quest for titles is pretty awesome. Sure the new patches are ok however I'm old school and given the chance to play on 4.6 would be awesome. Jesus just being able to have my cleric wear cloth or leather or chain is pretty awesome. I bet you would not only see an increase in players but a increase in shop sales back then it was buy all you want slap in y
  4. 4.6 is by far my fav, Maybe some aspects of 4.7 but 4.6 FTW There are different servers out there obviously private servers you could that are low rate and are 4,6 there are only two servers out there that am aware of that are 4.6 one is new and pretty awesome for some nostalgia. I am aware we are probably not supposed to talk about that sorta like Fight Club ROFL Being able to craft and trade kinah and sell your handmade gear on the market is awesome, I bet if they opened up a special server that was 4.6 everyone would leave the current servers and go play on the 4.6. The coun
  5. I am a newbie sorta, Played back in 2012 my bro played when it was p2p and I use to sit and watch him play, The graphics for the type of game Aion is just got me hooked and I would watch him play for hours at a time lol, He eve let me do some flying around which was omg wow for me lolol. Eventually I got my own account told other friends about it they started playing and as the patches went on and things began to change for pretty much a lot of players, They were disappointed in the patches if that's the term for it, Anyways from 2013 until August of this year, My old account that I
  6. I played way back when I think the history in the legion stuff is great seen dates from 2012 and 2013.. So back then you could go online and after completing certain quest etc you could go online and get your veteran rewards like dye along with other stuff and back then everyone wanted the black dye lol so my question is..How legit is gameforge?They even have a Aion shop on it and it says you can download the game and play via their launcher and get rewards and packs for free that way as well, Does this really work?Is gameforge able to do what they say they can do with Aion vet rewards or
  7. I keep getting disconnected after about 25 minutes of game play and am updated to the current update so am wondering if anyone else is having the issue because I end up in the middle of a battle with mobs of course and poof i can't attack use no skills nothing then tells me I have been disconnected from the server and this just started happening.
  8. Aww, Okay thanks so much for that info.
  9. What happened to the buffer npc that each day a different class could obtain these buffs? I been sick thought I had covid still am sick and been resting but 14 day's for doing the quarantine is driving me crazy and now that am feeling a little better came back to play and get some buffs on a new character I see that it is no longer there? Other then the free trial and paying which have no money right now so can't buy anything is there other ways to get similar buffs if this npc is gone forever or no? Thank You.
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