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  1. Sunayaka

    I am not gonna say DN -A is wrong. However, last night sunayaka on KT was different situation. KT E had sudden server down while we doing sunayaka. When we came back after server up again, we formed ally as quickly as possible and also posted for help on lfg thingies. The result was 30~33 ppl in the league killing sunny's 80%hp with also pvping asmos.It took like 40min to get like that. when it was almost over, ppl came or wispered to be in the league for loot and we did not allow that for ppl who tried from beginning. I do not think this can be wrong decision.
  2. Sunayaka

    U guys are talking something wrong about it. we actually started with 32 ppl and we almost got 75% of sunny health with ourselves also fighting against some asmodian ppl. when the suna became less than 20% most people came near the boss and tried to get in the alliance. Why do we have to put people who did not even help when we were recruiting and posting on lfg tho.