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  1. Would be awesome! I for one would love to re-live the S rank Tahabata runs, DC, world boss, Miragent pant proc, and just old school excitement again.
  2. Think I have not truely played since 2014-2015, I feel as you age or find other games to occupy your time, it will get easier. Plus I really did not like the direction of these new expansions. Now I just play to use my characters as references in figure drawings (still love/adore the customization and costumes).
  3. This, This right here. Could not stand the panda/animal candies in the beginning, but you could get away without utilizing them...now they're kinda immensely helpful...so you constantly have to use em.. Really hate this feature, idk why the dev's think this transform into animals/other nonsense is a cool/fun/great concept, cause it's not. How about they take the transforms, and just flipping provide you a scroll with those buffs that does not change your flipping character. I just don't get it. I don't get the logic, of thinking folk want to look like a creature and not their character t
  4. Great, thank you for the information! I just came back to the game last night, and I have a ton of gathered mats horded (Armor stones, weapon stones, organic materials, aether..etc) So it's safe to say, I can clear my warehouse of these mats? Does anyone have an informative aetherforging guide? (making pots etc and where to grind those mats) Thanks! -Tease
  5. Same here, I just sold my Mansion a few months ago before the merge, I got my mansion for 115-120mil back when they first released, I sold it recently for like 900mil, so I made (what i consider to be) bank! I miss my mansion, So many years held, so many decor changes, much party, such fun. :-(
  6. Well, maybe not play fully together, but you can assist them with their questions, welcome them into the community, If there is an public discord for Aion, that they can join to talk with fellow players and get a sense of direction on where to go, as well as how to develop their character. :-)
  7. Yup, you get it! I'll still say imo, most fun was Dark poeta and trying to reach S rank Tahabata... Crafting the fire resist gear from SR...woo good times.
  8. Also, back then, you had to actually wait for the airship to reach the dock in sanctum to get to the floating airship in the distance..there were no instant teleports..lol fell off of that airship many times.
  9. It was amazing, best pvp, best content, some of the best days ever in this games life. Dark poeta/Tahabata & miragents was end game. The grind was real, and super challenging. Blue armor & weapons were decent back then...Manastones rarely failed to socket. Gathering & crafting was profitable.
  10. Biggest RL pet peeve... Whenever someone finds the need to make a status on Facebook stating " I am deleting my account after today...I need a break from Facebook.." Seriously, I do not understand these people....Like how is Facebook effecting your life so badly that you need to take a "break" from an online social media source...Some folk have serious issues. Another RL pet peeve, whenever I go out to a bar, get offered a drink "Hey, whats up can i buy you a drink" (via a complete stranger), and I politely decline said drink, and the person offering me a drink gets sooo salty....and acts
  11. Yea, thankfully there is a turn off others skill animations option in the game...lol
  12. Love the (3rd) portrait! The shading on the nose looks really nice, keep up the great work.
  13. Yay, I can log into the forums! New one's are much better too.
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