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  1. Introducing Kibbelz

    This is getting extremely annoying. Stop posting this. It’s getting really pathetic. It’s like every week on every post you are whining about this. Give it up and move on with your life.
  2. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    LOL the only ppl crying about the balance here are those that get carried by their gear. Learn your class dynamics and stop whining because you cant zerg here. 4s cast time hmm? perhaps not run out in front and cast from the back like sorc use to?
  3. Guess which server is bugged again?

  4. Katalam bugged again

    I love this, this is perfect rn YES YES
  5. Lockdown...

    I completely agree and from a business stand point it would help them make more money ( which they looove). More ppl will be buying drop boost, luna, and entry tickets to get these stones of evolution. We all win. This needs some serious consideration!!