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  1. Servers Crashed?

    Server didn't crashed! Ncsoft are actually removing the npc from tia eye! Your all screwed and won't be able to buy your rewards hahahah! Game is working as intended ladies and gentleman! have a nice day
  2. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    like it or not its actually pvp as it mean player vs player ! who cares if a lvl 10 20 30 50 get gp anyway. If you do then omg what can i say. The matters is instead of fixing useless things NCsoft need to fix the bugs lol
  3. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    10/10 i would highly recommand Ncsoft to hire this person and take care of the game! Ncsoft are just cluelsss about theur own game! All of us sending ticket and Gm reply with randoms answers thats has nothing to do with the question itself! And again, this event is the most bugged event we got since the launched of the game GG NCsoon
  4. Gogorunerk's Gauntlet Auto Kick

    if it take 1 month on EU to fix ! Its gonna take 1 year on Na to fix! NCsoon never fix anything
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 4, 2018

    @Cyan on thank you ! i cannot wait to fight people with +30 gear! i was dreaming about it for so long! i really hope barde will stop calling me p2w trashbad with my not even +15 gear lol
  6. Daeva Dash Event Reward List

    OMg such a dissapointement ! Where is my worthy Dye true black?
  7. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    The price of the items can slightly increase, and yes Omega, Tempering could be event and 7 days too so we avoid see this train of alts going on with this train of followers in the crowd of afking people and pretend to call this A FUN EVENT.. "we love aion" "thank you very much GM" In my opinion tho, this bundle should be completely removed from the loot table OR BEING just 1 drop.. no matter if its an alliance or a group or a league or 1 person killing.. 1 drop.. FULL STOP. This would magically end the zombie event and maybe we would play in the eye the way we always imagined.. farming mobs.. keys and opponents on a 360 degree loop! And NOT even considering the group loot would prevent those super DPS groups to camp the mobs not letting weakers even approach and ending up monopolizing the whole event prizes. The tasty chef boxes are 1 drop, same the drana coffee, same the loose coins.. WHY THE HELLwe asking between league loot and group loot and not just expect 1 drop of each like the other mobs/drops. I mean NOT EVEN SUNAYAKA has a drop for each person in the group /ally/league.. why those overweight ugly scrabby mobs got to?
  8. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    @Azzmaria-kt i play for pvp and this is fully pve boring that's gonna affect pvp so much! already a struggling and impossible to fight anyone with +25 gear. Sad thing on this is those people actually think that they are god like pvp while in fact, some are good but some are just bad but totally carried by the gear difference. This event just force people to do boring things and completely shut down everything else (kbf,idl,evergale etc etc etc)
  9. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    Let me say the truth guys! this event is complete garbage on how it's been fck up! How it's (SOLVE). On what's gonna happen with this since 6.0. This just make me feel like some others.. /uninstall aion since till 6.0 and hope that the game finally go in the right direction!
  10. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    @ Gideon So basically Tia eye is open again today! We are still able to join league and loot fatty like a bunch of braindead robots collecting goods! THen you guys have the idea hey: let's increase the costs of the items! WOw i have to admit that this is such a great great IDEA. This is an EPIC FAIL decision from NCFAIL as usual. Let me be honest that nobody is happy about your decision ! Mistake over and over nor we get event wich such crappy loot items!Exemple: everyone is 75 and the best items from event is lvl65 (happened quite few times already ) For once we have an event that gives good items but you guys still find the way to scrap it! I personally would like to see the eyes just completely close so i don't feel force to be an idiot following another 191 ! This event was supposed to be a great come back of the TIa eye pvp and farming key mobs! instead it's turned into THE ZOMBIE FATTY HUNT. IMO You should just simply remove drop rate on fatty as it seems too hard to ncsoft to program this and let people farm small rooms and mobs! Also put a decent drop on the single mob around tia eye.. As for economy.... woudn't be too hard to just put event on all items that been collected on the npc already and gg problem solved. Wanna point another things... Would be nice that your staff (GM) stop to favorise their friends players! too many true stories about people getting free items, items back etc etc! People getting warped in panestera cuz they miss the que etc etc and i pass . Hope you'd consider some idea