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  1. quick question

    would it be okay to use reshade/enb series with this game? if yes how would u go about installing it?
  2. quick question

  3. is there a way to do do this? the installer lets u change drives but the patcher is perma set to C:\ is there anyway to change this? my dad has a laptop with a 128 GB SSD[c:\] and a 1 TB HDD[d:\] and his ssd is too full with windows crap to install aion on it. i've been trying to install it but it keeps downloading on C:\ and his ssd goes into the red and aion won't play. i can get the patcher installed on d:\ but it downloads the files for aion onto c:\ and it won't let me change the destination in the patcher, it's locked to c:\! please help!
  4. how do i install aion on D:\

    nc launcher keeps installing on C:\ and it won't let me change the destination in the nc launcher installer. i reinstalled aion to D:\NCSOFT\Aion then the nc soft launcher installs to: c:\program files(x86)\NC West\NC Launcher <----- cannot be changed during install process and doesn't give me the option to change the install location. after the install, i check the launcher settings, the launcher settings show: check file locations ---> c:\program files(x86)\NC West\NC Launcher\Downloads which cannot be changed
  5. quick question

  6. I've been downloading the game for a while now, and noticed something odd... the downloading speed is constantly fluctuating starting about 1mb per second all the way down to 20 kbs then resetting and repeating endlessly. is this normal that it does this? is there anyway to stabilize the connection? it seems to me that is slowing the process down.
  7. Aion Vision...

    how is this coming along?