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  1. I tried this, and unfortunately, it is still not working. I dunno what to do... Just had 4 pin bug errors in a row, and have to slow load every nyerking time.
  2. Ever since the new launcher, I have not been able to to fast load. I made sure that the correct file was read only. I also did a file repair. I also went back to the old launcher and it does the same thing. Nothing is working for me at the moment. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. Going from 10 to 11 = waste of daevanian essence.... you are welcome
  4. Adding SAS to the rankings would be nice, since we do not have that feature in game.
  5. So Kibbelz... Where have you been lately? You seem to have vanished from the forums except for the very original copy paste maintenance post. What happened to keeping in touch with the community? What happened to this: In my opinion as a CM, you should be in touch with the community be it serious topics or even silly things. Just your presence would quell a lot of things. Some acknowledgement or even a simple "ok" would be better than your total silence.
  6. Just gonna leave this here, 15/9 did it apparently
  7. Decreased drop rate of ‘Titan coins’ and ‘Titan coin pieces’ of Inggison and Gelkmaros areas. What? Why nerf the easiest way for people to get somewhat decent DPS gear? Slowing down gear progression? Slowing down manastone fastener obtention? Who thought this would be a good idea?
  8. Thank you for your contributions to the community! I have a question, are the weathered objects in Gelkmaros even possible to gather in the current state of the game?
  9. This is hilariously pathetic on their part. People asked for an event that would make due with the quarantine, because people are at home... Then they come out with this?? A P2W event during the quarantine??? NCWest is messed up. Or this is some kind of April fool's joke?
  10. The event webpage says : +100% XP from monsters +25% Drop rate +25% Gathering/Crafting XP <-------------- What is going on with this? +50% AP But in game if you mouse over the active events icon it says: Increases succes rate of gathering/crafting: 25% <--------- From my understanding this means +25% to proc rate. What do we actually have? I hope we have some clarification, if not a lot of people are going to get really upset at trying to get noble soldusk gear to just lose it all if the ingame info is totally wrong.
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