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  1. Cyan All the best, I appreciate everything you tried to do and appreciate the communication from you. This community is not always easy, but you always tried. Good Luck in your future adventure, and all the best.
  2. I can confirm this recent Maint did indeed fix Lugbug on both my broken transfered toons. Thank You
  3. Yeh Doll figured out told me. So happened to few of us. We all opened tickets and they fixed.
  4. If you have a toon on Danaria holding the name you used check for rewards there. They gave my compensation to lvl 1 toon on Danaria so opened a ticket and they moved to proper kt toon
  5. tbh many of those 20 who transfered not even playing atm or play less. So imo DN A would of had same issue transfers or not. Heck I am going away soon and won't be playing for bit.
  6. I mean both factions are more active. Sure their are more Elyos to fight to but I see way more Asmos out pvping and doing things on KT then did DN. Also I don't think what the 20 people who transfered maybe 25 should of screwed over a faction because honestly looking at the people I see from DN here the Number of Asmos who left is close to that number. However Dn A was slowing down before we left so perhaps people just took a break or quit all together. The problem there was never DN E never had numbers cause they did in fact the number were even to in their favor though they
  7. yeh I agree with if to many transfer but with transfers down and the fact that all lugbug quests are broken for those that transfered I don't see them reopening them anytime soon as It willtake them a while maybe months to find the lugbug fix heck we transfered end of what November and they are still broken. Also with Katalam and Danaria come back and those zones being cross server zones I just don't see a merge rush. Just my opinion is all
  8. Don't think at the point where need another merge yet. As one of the people who left DN to go to KT I can honestly say I do not regret the decision. KT feels more populated, has more ow pvp compared to dn which was almost zero. Altars are alot more competitive and fun they have fun pvp almost every vulnerbility. Sieges are fun. I won't speak for others who left but the reason I listed are why I did. I am just an average player but just being able to find pvp win or lose without having to dive bomb camps to get kills is a big plus in my book. After playing on KT since transfer I can hone
  9. I got 1 skill to 15 tbh the rates posted feel right. Using the same skill book. 11 went on 1st try, 12,13,14 all went 2nd attempt(1 fail on each), 15 went 1st try. So I would say my rate was between 50 and 60 %
  10. I play on Kt Asmo. As we moved off Dn. Either way even if Dn A get world bosses whenever they want or not when I was there Dn E got world bosses so your point of locked content is kinda mute as the faction is getting bosses if you there or not is irrelavent. Still you have choices to make and during event on Kt for Demaha Siege we went killed first gate and few elyos then went and did the world boss. We got contribution without needing to complain about everything like you. It is called planning accordingly. Same for Lakrum. Get contribution do world boss. On Kt both sides get world bo
  11. In order to get the surveys from enchant o rama pretty sure you have to be level 80. I leveled 3 toons on weekend all below 80 and they got those surveys once I hit 80. toons were anywhere from 66 to 75. I leveled them to 80 for the surveys to see if got them and I did
  12. Its called life we all have choices to make. Just because you choose to do world bosses does not mean the credit zone for the fort needs to be bigger. You made your choice now suck it up and deal with it instead of complaining about something that isn't even an issue.
  13. well get there at start kill 1 fence/gate since pvp is hard do the pve.
  14. Sorry my mistake lvl 1 point still stands the area for contribution is huge in that fort. Pretty easy to get credit
  15. Demaha easiest siege to get credit, you are on the faction with a lvl 3 buff seriously please stop joke. If you can't get contribution at that siege with all that in your favor maybe Aion not the game for you.
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