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  1. They are on the bcm for 0 coins with a limit of 1 per week
  2. I'd totally buy the hippo as it looks like it may be able to support my girth :-)
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    I think abandoning them will not stop you from getting them only completing them will. I got the pvp one before reset today and finished it and after reset I got it again so the pvp one is definately a daily now. They are labeled wrong still but before reset only one I got was the pvp one. Once you zone back into Lakrum by abandoning them you just gonna get them again cause not done
  4. Agreed the 2 flip3 balaur camps and 3 elyos ones are marked weeklies yet are reseting daily, and the pvp one is marked daily but is a weekly. these need to be fixed to what they are marked shouldn't be that hard to actually fix them.
  5. 90 gp on a non siege day?

    Not true I know the Divine 50 gp one I haven't even finished mine yet always ignored the mobs but it almost finished now . Probably something missing not sure on the math to 90 or to 135 like someone on DN A has but I do know season ended 3 am and new season started at 4 am which is before maint so if held onto and finished quests once new season started and before maint and got again at reset maybe a combination that gets you there like a 50 gp Divine quest and 2 pvp weeklies add up to 90.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 22, 2019

    check your special cube bag. When they give ingots they create a 2nd stack of ingots. I got mine just combine the 2 stacks into 1 if only wanna 1 stack of ingots. Think I got 8 today
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    guess part of the compensation should be a new calculator or abacus cause clearly they have a hard time with math :-)
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    You don't get to know the compensation as maybe everybody's is different based on logs just a guess on my part. So if everyone is different then you can't blanket statement what it is
  9. Cyan can we get regular updates on critical issues?

    Not Corea Yes I know it is spelt Korea but if Brazil can be spelt Brazil or Brasil I believe we start a new trend and spell it Corea or Korea.
  10. New GP Daily Bug?

    I said the prestige one is weekly either way I get why people want the arti ones because you can make more gp if get them done but I 100% believe they are marked correctly just programmed wrong. Other then Prestige the pvp quests are all dailies even the legion pvp ones.
  11. State of The Game

    My one word : "Embarrassing"
  12. New GP Daily Bug?

    they have lowered the gp rewards for things. LIke IDL used to gived 50 gp for a win now 25 etc, etc. Since can do them 3 times a week that is 30 total gp for the artis and easier to do since have 7 days to do all 3 times. Pvp quests are always dailies so giving out a max of 170 gp for the week in 3 quests fits right into how things are now. The point is will be harder to flip 6 artis a day then would be to kill 10 of the other faction so the artis should be weeklies and the pvp kills like the rest for most part minus 50 kill prestige quest should be dailies
  13. New GP Daily Bug?

    The kill quests is marked daily. However once you do once never get it again. The flip 3 balaur artis and 3 elyos/asmo artis are marked weeklies but are reseting daily. So unless you play all day the odds of flipping a balaur arti 3 times a day remote. Artis are almost always blue or green now. So I believe the 3 times arti one which are marked weeklies should be a weekly and the pvp one should be a daily but yeh they messed them up.
  14. New GP Daily Bug?

    Yes it is screwed up the 3 new quests the 2 marked weeklies which are flip artis are actually reseting daily the 1 pvp one marked daily is apparently a weekly the pvp one makes more sense as a daily so they just didn't do it right.
  15. BUG's

    No such thing as a urgent fix after a week but the making ap bug is why not getting gp or siege rewards so they fix the first the second should follow