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  1. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Apology accepted I'm sorry ow pvp has hurt you in the way that it has see you out there and good luck
  2. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Nah we roamed the map because we were completing all the pvp quests which we were able to do. You make it seem like we spent the whole night in Lebu which we didn't but hey you seem to know what we were doing better then we do. You're also the one who immediately went to insults making it seem like you were mad or upset but hey you do you. So yes you're going to get the "you're upset over pvp" since you know you cast the first stone and all. Anyways we don't get upset over pvp you win some you lose some, I even hear you don't die in Real life if you die in pvp. Anyways have fun out there cause it's scary.
  3. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    You know me making friends wherever I go.
  4. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Sorry man I'll try to be better next time. Good thing we streamed all night so I can check the video to see if we were camping or not. Nope checked again we were just pvping across whole map :-)
  5. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    LOL We never camped anywhere we roamed around pvping all night and doing instances if you died in open world so be it nice to see you're allready upset though over pvp. We roamed from lebu to the beach to your fm and across the whole map. We never stayed in one place for more then a few minutes so umm you need to figure out what the word camping means.
  6. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Me personally has nothing to do with winning or losing sieges. Kt A wins more then enough sieges. I just went back home to the server where I played most of my gametime in Aion as Danaria is where Israphel and Kahrun got merged. So the perks for me were going home, Able to derank from 5 star as transform is meh now and go back to the server where I know more people since the populations are lower now. Literally no point in transferring for sieges now as the buff allows even the dominated side to win sieges.
  7. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    Yeh kt got extremely boring so came back to server started on
  8. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    you transfer with 7 K reason they were on the list is because their was less then 300 Asmos with enough gp to be on the ranks so when ranks updated they were on list
  9. Facton balance completely made game rubbish

    yeh on Kt Asmos almost always take the forts with only a lvl 3 buff. Before the buff kt a struggled bad once buff came out the fort started to flip. I dunno about others but I know siege is not why I transfered.
  10. The Asmo Situation and Ideas

    Nah the Asmo side don't try to siege until the buff is lvl 3. We take Lakrum and Divine when buff is 3 or above. Most don't show up or don't really try once the buff is below that. So watch come Saturday when Buff is back at 3 Lakrum will in all likely hood turn Blue.
  11. I remember

    Siege aside I think the best aspect of this was Tiamat actually logged in the game and socializing and engaging with the community in game. Doesn't happen as much anymore except say around the Aion anniversary in NA. IMO basically ignoring the NA community concerns is what has led to many of na's problems.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    I can't say I disagree with you 100% but this patch was always known as non alt friendly also the snowball event was lvl 76 requirement so future stuff is going to have same requirement. Although it should of been clearly stated that only level 76 and above toons could claim and it wasn't although their is a time limit on survey which I believe does allow one more then enough time to level to 76 and still be able to claim it
  13. There is a bit of sarcasm in there but honestly they will have to start giving away things even in the little events they have. In fact they have always done it. OH lets have a event where the winners of who can down this boss first get a unique skin and month later on the bcm or event. Hey new extendables in 5.0 farm provenance weps and shortly after given away in events. So I still less events or not expect that Kibrium, Weps, Fighter fragments etc will be rewards soon, you may need to run alts to get all you need for the event but hey I am not opposed to having people at least do some stuff for rewards. I mean ultimate kibrium just kill the boss once and you get like 20 to 30 of them. the Legendaries though are a bit more difficult especially when one side is signifigantly bigger and can kill them all
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    you have to be level 76 I logged my acct where highest toon was 75 no survey I killed 1 mob hit 76 got the survey
  15. Leave the world bosses as is. No buff no nothing we all know Anomos drops will be available in events soon just like prov weps were and many other things. Even with less events it will be coming. The boss has a window spawns in the Dn Asmos know the window which is why more prepared and get the boss. On Katalam the Elyos do get the boss more but the Asmos do get the boss just need to coordinate better. So either coordinate and try or be patient and wait for it in events