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  1. I remember

    Siege aside I think the best aspect of this was Tiamat actually logged in the game and socializing and engaging with the community in game. Doesn't happen as much anymore except say around the Aion anniversary in NA. IMO basically ignoring the NA community concerns is what has led to many of na's problems.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    I can't say I disagree with you 100% but this patch was always known as non alt friendly also the snowball event was lvl 76 requirement so future stuff is going to have same requirement. Although it should of been clearly stated that only level 76 and above toons could claim and it wasn't although their is a time limit on survey which I believe does allow one more then enough time to level to 76 and still be able to claim it
  3. There is a bit of sarcasm in there but honestly they will have to start giving away things even in the little events they have. In fact they have always done it. OH lets have a event where the winners of who can down this boss first get a unique skin and month later on the bcm or event. Hey new extendables in 5.0 farm provenance weps and shortly after given away in events. So I still less events or not expect that Kibrium, Weps, Fighter fragments etc will be rewards soon, you may need to run alts to get all you need for the event but hey I am not opposed to having people at least do some stuff for rewards. I mean ultimate kibrium just kill the boss once and you get like 20 to 30 of them. the Legendaries though are a bit more difficult especially when one side is signifigantly bigger and can kill them all
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    you have to be level 76 I logged my acct where highest toon was 75 no survey I killed 1 mob hit 76 got the survey
  5. Leave the world bosses as is. No buff no nothing we all know Anomos drops will be available in events soon just like prov weps were and many other things. Even with less events it will be coming. The boss has a window spawns in the Dn Asmos know the window which is why more prepared and get the boss. On Katalam the Elyos do get the boss more but the Asmos do get the boss just need to coordinate better. So either coordinate and try or be patient and wait for it in events

    What do you mean you people? Also those who know me , know full well what is going on here :-)
  7. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    and this is literally the mic drop. LOL does a transform really, really need to be used to go after 1 person, not kill them and then afk on safe pad

    Wrong I am clearly Balaur and you know nothing Jon Snow
  9. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    This is actually a good idea instead of a ap to gp npc have a gp to ap npc. Gives the one thing that has truly been missing this patch. A way besides doing one of the few fun things left in Aion which is siege and skipping it a way for people to actively gear and derank at same time. Not all would do it but many would
  10. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    I disagree transform should be as a result of actually pvping. Most if not all of the current transforms gained theirs from npc trade in and eb online. Now I do agree transforms should only be for siege those transforming for ow pvp make me laugh. However Iwould much rather those working on genesis gear and actively doing pvp things be transforms and not those who login simply to do siege or afk it. Do not strip gp and I am sure some would just reset instances with luna and p2w transform so maybe cap the total you can make per week. Tying it to just siege now is to little to late ebonline has been done. Many ideas how to do this but any would need Korean dev support so don't expect anything.

    Wow this is riveting, ground breaking stuff I simply cannot wait to get more info on this. I mean all treacherous spying scum need to be swiftly and firmly dealt with, clearly this is the number 1 issue in a 9 year old game. Please by all means keep us up to date on all the latest news as this top story na develops. Literally sitting on edge of my seat waiting for more. Great Job 10 of 10

    oh your secret is safe with me but just so ya know duo accounts and spying has been going on since beta shhh don't tell anyone either k
  13. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    Honestly the fix is if the instance is pvp should give some gp so ID, ec,arenas, dredge should give some gp. Not just sieges so those who only login to do siege eventually get passed would be slow but it is something. No Need to completely reinvent the wheel just make those who truly want to get rank have to do everything to keep and maintain once you make pvp stuff give gp again then can again raise the min gp needed a month to maintain

    Oh I promise . Scouts honor

    and this has been another useful post ty so much for sharing not sure what I ever would of done with my day if not for this top tier post from you. 10 of 10