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  1. Feedback: Event Thread

    Bring back a Tia Eye event and make getting legendary xforms possible via pvpve grinding. Then save those legendaries until you have enough either to rng an ult or get the 12x fail pitty ult.
  2. Feedback: Event Thread

    I wish it was easier to gear alts. Please make all gear account bound and tradable within the account warehouse, same with promotion mats (fasteners, manastones, enchantment stones, etc). A gear switching NPC would also be nice. Like the old daevonean set changer, but for all sets.
  3. Disconnected from server

    Emergency maintenance
  4. But do you want 7pm EST, how would that work for you? I'd be ok with 9pm too, but ppl QQ'd that it was too late, and it probably is for folks on the East Coast. But it's a lot easier for folks to stay up an hour later, than to try and get home from work, make and eat dinner, and then get the kids in bed an hour earlier. 8 PT, 11 ET feels at least doable for most ppl, even if it isn't their favorite. Earlier and the PT folks aren't ready, and later the ET folks want to sleep. +1. I'm not happy with the outcome. But the engagement is nice.
  5. Wait. Did you actually listen to the feedback on siege times or just look at the winner of the vote? 35% of your population finds it impossible to attend siege at 7p. Not even the ET guys wanted siege before 8. I get that starting at midnight is late, PT folks offered 11p ET as a compromise. How many ppl with a job and a family think being ready to siege before 7p is reasonable? Most of you wanted a late but not too late (10p siege). @Kibbelz, you've gone from making it hard on folks to impossible for others. Please go with a middle ground.
  6. Restoration/Changes for transformation by Memories Shard

    The easy change would instead of random, give the same characteristic selection box that was part of the Stormwing event. So if you're a caster, pick the caster box and get a random legendary caster support xform. Not a total choice selection box, but at least you know it's something you can use.
  7. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    Same Bobonerk morph for Ancient -> Legendary. Same NPC in Lakrum for Ancient stones. Same NPC in Demaha for ticket turn in. Sieges now give a good number of legendary pvp stones. I get 5 per siege, 20 per week. They may come from Demaha altars as well, but I can't usually run those.
  8. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    Same as the old meta wrt conversions. I hear that Gelk elites are a good source of XP.
  9. Siege Schedule Poll

    Anything before 8:00 PM PST is just too early for the West Coast.
  10. March Store Update?

    https://www.aiononline.com/news/march-2020-store-update Where are these items? Any of them. The hatchling event items are live, but these are still missing.
  11. @Cyan Game of fate

    Na. They'd leave it broken for 3 weeks and then ban everyone who played.
  12. Official EC-ban thread. Post your thoughts

    EC was meant to be able to be spammed. Usually, it costs luna, but due to a bug and someone kicking me, they wouldn't take my luna. Should someone kicking you from an instance result in a denial of service for that instance? This doesn't even really seem to be about the number of runs. There are plenty of ppl who did many runs but weren't suspended at all. It appears to be all about the kicks. And there's a scale. Kick 4 times, 1 day, 400 times perma. Or whatever. But again there's no clarity from NC. Is it bannable to do extra free runs after a server reset? Is the inability to properly track instance counters an exploit, a non-exploit bug, or just something that happens? It depends on who you ask, and that's the problem. Some people think weaving is an amination hack. Apparently NC does not, but they've never said it. It wouldn't really be fair to look back a few years and ban tons of sins for doing it. If NC had taken action *much* sooner, nobody would be this upset. The same bug would have existed, and nobody would have been punished at all. But NC decided to do nothing. Maybe because for a time it was contributing to a vibrant EC community and luna resets, who knows. NC's inaction encouraged the continuation of the situation. They bear more responsibility than zero to ensure the game runs smoothly and bugs/situations are dealt with, without this level of fallout.
  13. Notice to all players without PvP gear: DO NOT APPLY TO PVP INSTANCES

    Pretty much this. People that are trying to form a "geared" group are willing to wait a little bit in order to have the best chance at not blowing their run in the event of an opposing premade. That means, don't join this group if you aren't geared. Don't join this group if you don't know what "geared" means. Ask the poster if you aren't sure. Also, it's not ok to join and hope to pass a gear check later. Having or not having a gear check doesn't make it ok to join a geared run when you aren't geared. People knowing and following these unwritten rules makes taking the time to do gear checks unnecessary. That's why it's in the LFG post. Be responsible and don't join if you aren't qualified for this particular group. Quick queue, join another group that doesn't list a qualification, or form your own group. I ran this same experiment the other night. Looking for "ID pvp geared" and got ppl in rubbish. They knew they were in rubbish, they just wanted to get in a run. That's why this forum post is here. Please stop doing this. Or we'll have to go back to gear checks, and nobody likes those. PS: On the off chance someone seriously doesn't know what "geared" means. To me, it means at least full T2 legendary pvp gear. That's the lowest I'd accept. You should really have multiple pieces of T2 ultimate, preferably +15. Sorry, your old T1 ultimate trade-in gear isn't "geared" anymore. You'll get wrecked by those in T2 legendary, not to mention ultimate. And that's point. A good "geared" group might still lose to a PocoSin or XO premade, but it should be reasonably close. If you join a "geared" group and do get 1-shot, expect to be trolled in LFG and in the forums. You deserve it. Get gear, then apply. Just know that as time moves on the definition of "geared" also goes up. In another month it'll probably be full T2 ult. Because that's what we're up against. In order for skill and strategy to stand a chance, the gear rating has to be close. This isn't a knock on those that aren't geared. Getting gear takes time, can be hard, and can be expensive. I respect that. The thread and this post isn't a value judgment. I'm happy to group with undergeared people most of the time. But when I'm not, please don't disrespect me and the time and expense it took me to get geared, by trying to sneak into my geared runs. These are runs that I really don't want to lose.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    They're fixing the BCM so it's easier to find die. You want die?
  15. @Gideon (hear the community)

    If you're going to go and raise the prices in the protectorate coin shop (I wish you wouldn't), please make tradable coin bundles available on the BCM. This way everyone (those with time, money, kinah) can participate.