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  1. For those that were going to use the 12 anniversary reward boxes for PvP gear, it wouldn't have been nice to be able to retune those pcs for 1-kinah. Consider extending this 1-kinah event until a week following whenever you fix your technical difficulties in distributing rewards.
  2. Turning on the xp/ap weekend buff for the duration of the Anniversary Event would be a great addition to the event. Especially since we've lost this every weekend since the last patch.
  3. Can you increase AP rewards for open world pvp by 1000x while you're at it? The current values are terrible.
  4. Do eet. Thanks. Also, please throw us a 1 kinah retune npc.
  5. The event is literally called 12 Gifts for Daeva, but I wouldn't put anything past em.
  6. Hope there's a 1 kinah retune in this event as well. Or they plan to spread things out over the next 12 weeks? Edit: Also apparently in KR the 12th Anniversary boxes are selection boxes. I want to believe.
  7. Possible catches: * It's not a selection box and you'll consistently get low amounts of minium and/or socket stones * Despite being listed as account tradable, they mentioned that you'd need to spend support tokens of you get this on the wrong toon, without mentioning how they'll be delivered. * Despite the reward being per player, in order to get the reward you need to use 10 extractors on a single toon, instead of across all toons on the account Plenty of ways this could go wrong. But if they were more clear and folks didn't have issues, this could be a pretty good event.
  8. ^ and increase the event coin drops by 300x
  9. Edit. Never mind, I'm lost in Classic forums.
  10. Here's the post saying that they'd be merged. For what it's worth mine moved over fine, but I didn't have any KT toons. Them screwing up the merge function is 100% believable.
  11. This needs to be bolded. This is the driving factor to immediately change to some name while working through the appeal process. Is NCWest really worried about being cheated out of a free name change ticket? Come on. @Kibbelzplease assist the community and help educate support.
  12. Join an IDD carry run. Free Sov gear, easy to find groups, hop out of the arena so you don't get 1 shot by the adds, then jump in to loot when all over. Get a few pcs, then join in the fight. Or you can get someone to give you 10m kinah. Heartguard weapon and armor boxes are incredibly cheap on the broker, so you could start there. But honestly, just do the 10 runs or so of IDD, then farm your own xp marks for Kata accessories.
  13. Looks like the rune buff will overwrite Snake buff until you relog (char screen ok), then Snake buff will override. However, they don't stack. Snake does stack with weekend buffs though.
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