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  1. Looks like the rune buff will overwrite Snake buff until you relog (char screen ok), then Snake buff will override. However, they don't stack. Snake does stack with weekend buffs though.
  2. But it can't be moved up, this isn't about personal preference. When things started at 7p that was doable, because I could start making dinner right when I got home (5:30 ish), then we could eat and be done by 6:45. The wife would put the kid to bed and I'd follow up later. Still, no chance for altars, but I could make siege. But how many ppl can start making dinner at 3:30p so it's ready and everyone is done before a 5p siege. The wife and kid aren't home from work/school then either, so even if I wanted to move things up, it'd be impossible. Or, if you prefer after, how many ppl ca
  3. No. Because I can stay up til 1am. I can't not make dinner for my family/eat. Even if I get the wife to put the kid to bed solo a couple times a week, with pre-siege at altars you're talking starting at 4:45pm. The workday isn't even over by then. And that's with zero commute due to COVID, normally it's a physical impossibility to be home before 5pm altars. 1am is late, it isn't a good time, no doubt about it. But at least it isn't a time that's largely impossible (just really terrible). What's really frustrating is that these times aren't even with the community voted for the
  4. They expect west-coasters to siege and do altars at 5p and 6p, so yea, they do.
  5. A little better than rng, since the items are there in some order. If we knew the order, we could pick appropriately. Still...unsure who tested this and said, "Yup looks good to me. Ship it."
  6. Seriously!? A selection bundle that lists every skill as "Confirm?". What are we supposed to do with this?
  7. He's saying that the *Server Time* won't change. This doesn't mean that siege time can't change. To your point, we had a good server time, then NA changed clocks, which pushed siege time 1h earlier for NA, now the times have gone back 1h to their original time. This may have been unintentional, but it's consistent with what we had, so we should keep the current 7 Pacific / 10 Eastern siege time.
  8. Please keep the siege times. Due to NA daylight savings time change, sieges were no longer happening at the "regular" time from the last forum survey. Now it is currently back to the way it used to be a month ago. Please don't fix this. Please do fix: The event Bitterthorn (maybe all Bitterthorn) weapons aren't equipable in the offhand (left). This is a problem for sins.
  9. Depends on how you look at it. To someone on Central Standard Time, those in Easter Standard Time are an hour ahead. So 19:00 Server Time will feel like sieges are starting an hour before they normally start. Although, this is a good time to revisit siege times. Since moving off Daylight Savings Time, the sieges have defacto started an hour early, now this adds a second hour. So times that were 7/10p Eastern would now be 5/8p Eastern. That wrecks Pacific Time players. Regardless of where the server is located, can we go back to the 7/10p Eastern schedule please? Something I just
  10. Means better servers, better network, and way longer DT than expected. It also means the ability to roll your own GPN by leveraging Amazon's internal network to route your traffic from an AWS location close to you, to the server location. So the possibility of better pings for tech-savvy folks. We'll see.
  11. Because NCoin is more flexible. You can buy it in more places, pay for it in more ways, sell or trade the codes. The only way to get BC Coin is via NC's website, which doesn't integrate with my company's rewards site. But other retailers that sell NCoin do. The original question was why do you see NCoin codes in lfg and not BC Coin. And it's because there aren't BC Coin codes to ask for in lfg. Plus, the conversion is simple. Done within BCM in 1 click.
  12. NCoin still converts to BC Coin 1:1 (you just can't convert back to NCoin). So NCoin is still useful to Aion players.
  13. Bring back a Tia Eye event and make getting legendary xforms possible via pvpve grinding. Then save those legendaries until you have enough either to rng an ult or get the 12x fail pitty ult.
  14. I wish it was easier to gear alts. Please make all gear account bound and tradable within the account warehouse, same with promotion mats (fasteners, manastones, enchantment stones, etc). A gear switching NPC would also be nice. Like the old daevonean set changer, but for all sets.
  15. But do you want 7pm EST, how would that work for you? I'd be ok with 9pm too, but ppl QQ'd that it was too late, and it probably is for folks on the East Coast. But it's a lot easier for folks to stay up an hour later, than to try and get home from work, make and eat dinner, and then get the kids in bed an hour earlier. 8 PT, 11 ET feels at least doable for most ppl, even if it isn't their favorite. Earlier and the PT folks aren't ready, and later the ET folks want to sleep. +1. I'm not happy with the outcome. But the engagement is nice.
  16. Wait. Did you actually listen to the feedback on siege times or just look at the winner of the vote? 35% of your population finds it impossible to attend siege at 7p. Not even the ET guys wanted siege before 8. I get that starting at midnight is late, PT folks offered 11p ET as a compromise. How many ppl with a job and a family think being ready to siege before 7p is reasonable? Most of you wanted a late but not too late (10p siege). @Kibbelz, you've gone from making it hard on folks to impossible for others. Please go with a middle ground.
  17. The easy change would instead of random, give the same characteristic selection box that was part of the Stormwing event. So if you're a caster, pick the caster box and get a random legendary caster support xform. Not a total choice selection box, but at least you know it's something you can use.
  18. Same Bobonerk morph for Ancient -> Legendary. Same NPC in Lakrum for Ancient stones. Same NPC in Demaha for ticket turn in. Sieges now give a good number of legendary pvp stones. I get 5 per siege, 20 per week. They may come from Demaha altars as well, but I can't usually run those.
  19. Same as the old meta wrt conversions. I hear that Gelk elites are a good source of XP.
  20. Anything before 8:00 PM PST is just too early for the West Coast.
  21. https://www.aiononline.com/news/march-2020-store-update Where are these items? Any of them. The hatchling event items are live, but these are still missing.
  22. Na. They'd leave it broken for 3 weeks and then ban everyone who played.
  23. EC was meant to be able to be spammed. Usually, it costs luna, but due to a bug and someone kicking me, they wouldn't take my luna. Should someone kicking you from an instance result in a denial of service for that instance? This doesn't even really seem to be about the number of runs. There are plenty of ppl who did many runs but weren't suspended at all. It appears to be all about the kicks. And there's a scale. Kick 4 times, 1 day, 400 times perma. Or whatever. But again there's no clarity from NC. Is it bannable to do extra free runs after a server reset? Is the inability to pro
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