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  1. The new luna bundles do not reward the same as the old top -tier bundles from Contaminated Underpath, the old bundles gave a bonus, could be ap jelly ancient or legend enchantmentstones administer boons, etc. the new bundles only drop the luna materials. you made it harder to farm these bundles on our alt but reduced the rewards. Is this another "mistake" or did you purposely remove the additional reward and just "forgot" to tell us. pls let us know @Kibbelz @Loki
  2. Maintenance news this week Luna bundles can be obtained from doing LugBug daily quest kill 50 mops in Gelk/Ingg cannot be opened just added them for fun have a nice week every one @Kibbelz @Loki
  3. when elyos kill a Garrison Leader in Gelkmaros all the npc also disapear for a few hours, i don't know if it is a bug or not but it is not limited to ingisson.
  4. there seem to be some problems with the Garden of Growth event. The auto hunting system is working fine for me, but doesn't appear for everyone. Also the Crops are supposed to be mature in 10 min, at which point you should harvest them. the crops only seem to grow ones every 10 min. At 50 min the reach harvest state, then my auto hunting system kills them but they don't drop anything in Hard mode, they do drop items in normal mode. The Hard mode seems to be bugged, you don't get any drops there while People are getting multiple drops (renown tonic) in normal mode. the auto hunting sy
  5. no drops at all. all over KT-asmodion LFG nobody has drops
  6. server is broken again
  7. I just bought the [Event] lucky Kinah Box , I figured with these shit rewards I would at leased try my hand at the RNG of the boxes. In the description of the boxes it say "A chest that usually contains between 10 and 20 million Kinah. If you are lucky you might get 50 million or even 100 million Kinah!" I bought 3 boxes, figuring I would at the very least get 30 million Kinah. instead I earned 1.700.00 Kinah 1.000.000 Kinah 1.500.000 Kinah, adding to a total of 4.2 million Kinah. PLS! fix the rewards for this box and reimburse everyone who already bought it. This event was alread
  8. KT is broken again pls fix😴
  9. also the prestige case you get from instance bosses. we pay for prestige, and there finally are some good rewards in the vending machine, now the daily rewards are bugged. pls fix this
  10. pls fix the server (KT) we cant do anything atm. NPC's, luna instance, abyssal splinter, mobs all over the maps cant be selected, crusiblespire not reachable and goldsand traders has been broken for over an hour now. really hope we get a permanent fix after maint this week.
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