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  1. Logged in just to up-vote this so hopefully someone reads it that matters.
  2. I logged in just to like this post. Perfectly sums it up!
  3. Can confirm this happens, the na team is crippling it's own terrible economy or we can chalk it up to lag I suppose. Either way i'm out billions over the years due to this exact same problem, the broker currently angers me.
  4. Poor decision making is 100% the factor here and that shows in this new economy, what is so hard about communicating with the NA community?? Your BCM profits will resemble the effort put into simply displaying items people want to friggin buy!
  5. Biggest mistake would by far be the broker fee increase and trade restrictions through accounts, completely crippled the economy and made the game feel more solo-PVE. I would like to highlight something added to this patch that was an improvement to the game's life, the skin customization screen... Now if only we had skins to go with that(Update the BCM). Maybe the combat system is keeping me here, the community is also very interactive but most everyone has left waiting for 6.5.
  6. Commenting because this needs to be addressed ASAP.
  7. Commenting because I feel a Kinah "fix" is necessary to cater to the basic essential needs of any economy. That aside, I have never even come close to making 100m of vending useless items. Impossible without grinding 12/hrs a day.
  8. It is not possible to like this post enough, we need a Kinah faucet and fast.
  9. Our NA shop markets exclusively overpriced skins, my question is simply WHY are they forcing this game to be centered around transforms? Do they not realize the true potential of the BCM and how they can target players using the items listed above for pvp/even pve players? Think big picture NCWest, use your brains FOR ONCE before it's too late and there is no more market to capture!
  10. I will gladly sign a petition and would love to see community support on something like this.
  11. Commenting to show support on this, and agree most incentives are very much "Useless."
  12. False, I attempted to go into both to see full empty character slots. Totally unplayable and not cool if this is not fixed. I stated that I created a new character to try and see if that would somehow bring them back, but now I have a level 1 with all other empty character slots.
  13. I have not had access to my accounts. I login to see empty servers and tried to create an account to see if it would reset it, no luck. On the forums it says I still have them but they do not exist anymore.
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