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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - August 21, 2019

    And this is why you don't play on patch day.
  2. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    Cyan speaks in front of 2000+ "people" during the BnS streams on a monthly basis, so that argument doesn't exactly fly.
  3. 4x Mirash - 5, 10, 5, 5, 10, 5, 5, 5 4x CoE - 50, 10, 5, 10, 10, 5, 25, 10
  4. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    MxM launched in the West first, presumably as a testing run to gauge interest for other regions. There were plans for a Chinese version iirc, but those plans never made it into anything concrete like a public alpha or beta. There hasn't been any news on that for over a year now either, so the whole thing was probably scrapped. Rumor has it a couple dedicated folks are working on a private server, but with the whole City of Heroes private server thing still fresh in everyone's minds it'll be another few years before anything appears on that. If ever.
  5. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Nah, they just got reallocated. Or rather, they are doing exactly what they were told to do: focus on Blade & Soul. When Blade and Soul's senior producer (Jonathan Lien a.k.a Babbletr0n) and its CM left the team NCWest didn't hire new people, they just reallocated what most know as the Aion folks (Cyan, Hime) to it. Cyan was already writing up much of the BnS website articles and patch notes anyway, now he also does the content streams with Hime so yeah. Aion is on maintenance mode anyway until its inevitable closure, so why not? Just for the record, BnS is not exactly the promised land either. Game went from 32 to 2 servers within 1.5 years, and bar a few couple hundred dedicated players/whales the game is just about as dead as Aion. It's all about introducing new gear gaps and money sinks with ever-increasing grinds. It's clear where NCSoft/NCWest's future lies (mobages), and once a game is no longer profitable they'll pull the plug without second thoughts (hello MxM - 6 months). In the past Aion was one of NC's big titles, but now? 6.0 deleted half the game, a lot of the 6.0 monster models and other assets are 1:1 copypastes of existing Blade and Soul assets (someone still has that image?)...you can imagine the rest. 6.x just turned out to be a bad patch managed by worse companies, that only was brought into existence to secure more funds for their upcoming mobage titles.
  6. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    People said the same during the Tia Event. NC's reply was to put Omegas and Temperings up for sale and guess what, a good chunk of the community instantly did a 180 and started buying them in heaps. I wouldn't have high hopes for this since hypocrisy is a thing and they know it. I'm honestly starting to think they've already set a deadline for when Aion PC is set to shutdown, and are just trying to bring it about quicker while trying to squeeze out some last bits. People supporting the game or not may not make any difference anymore at this point.
  7. NA 2019-06-19 Luna Crafting Recipes

    There is also a craftable box of transformation contracts (normal, 62 types) that seems to give between 2~5 when opened. I haven't seen the singular contract option mentioned in that table yet.
  8. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    It's a bit of a mixed bag to me. It breaks with the very concept of event instances (doable by anyone due to equalized gear/stats). While I agree with the idea of awarding keys proportional to gear, it feels weird to just leave the fresh 76s out of the equation here. Especially when we just had "that" survey and, y'know, the point of the 6.0 update was to make the game appealing to newer players to begin with? It would have made more sense to attach a daily quest that gives players a 1-day gear set (or at least some purple pieces) so anyone can get the minimum needed to make the thing relatively worthwhile. The starter gear (Lakrum) is a no-go, and even full CoE is not a guarantee to anything beyond the final boss based on your class, ultimately making the whole thing kinda pointless.
  9. https://aion.plaync.com/board/hotissue/view?articleId=836949 Images in the link, you're encouraged to run it through a translator as well. I've written a small tl;dr summary below.
  10. It seems to be a cross-server region, yes. It's probably safe to think of it as a temporary new Panesterra with the Tia Eye event treatment.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    Cyan and co. are busy preparing for tomorrow's Blade&Soul content stream, cut them some slack. The Aion staff got re-allocated to NC's flagship title for the West and now essentially has to manage 2 games at once, in case you had missed this.
  12. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    If you seriously thought or expected they were going to play Santa and just hand out a Legendary contract to anyone but the 1% top whales you need to go get yourself checked. Maintaining the gap as much as possible is the main form of income here, why would they kill their business? Last event was good, you could get ~3 or more random ancient contracts if you flower farmed it up, so now you get a mediocre event again. And probably another two or three after. Such is Aion life.
  13. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    2 days capping an alt on EK has earned me more than 6+ months of regular play on KT. I get the intention of wanting to help out the new/returning players stuck on EK, but let's be fair. The majority that was still playing ~2 weeks after EK opened were alts of KT/DN mains, and it's mainly this group that will stand to benefit. Not a very well thought-out decision if you ask me.
  14. Campaign Quest 'Frozen Legion'

    Same issue on the Asmodian side. Seems to be recent, maybe something broke after the latest patch.
  15. Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?

    More like Aion2 (mobile) is coming. 6.0 is here as the transit or "bridge" between PC (now) and mobage (future). It sucks but we've got to accept NCSoft decided to follow in Blizzard's footsteps. It's all about the mobile market now: less effort, wider audiences, and more profits. PC titles are either killed off (Wildstar, MxM) or kept around for a bit longer to try and entice players for the mobile versions. After many years and lately many disappointments I've made up the balance myself, and realized it is time to move on after 4.8, 5.0, and now 6.2. For some trivia, check "Games" on NCWest's website here. There used to be like 6 titles. Now there are just three left, of which one already has a mobile version and the other two were announced recently.
  16. New Class is coming?

    And here I was thinking Aethertechs and Gunners were immersion breaking back in in 4-0-4.5.
  17. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    I think the main problem here is that the gaps between the new gear grades are immense. People in ulti exchange gear can afk in the middle of a fight against 15+ of your average players, add up a transformation and they are literal godmode. New players and those who didn't (or couldn't) invest in exchange gear ahead of time alike are introduced to an increasingly hostile endgame environment - the first groups have already begun to camp bases and raid the beginner areas to grief others and delay their progression. Yes, it's supposed to be hard. But I think a lot of players would have more peace with the current enchantment rates if the gaps between the new gear grades weren't so obvious and thrown in your face all the time. Being facerolled over and over without even being able to put a dent in such people is a factor that is going to demotivate a lot of players, putting the current enchant rates aside.
  18. Seconding this, especially seems to happen if you glide into the windstream while on a mount (but also if you just glide into it naturally).
  19. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    No one said anything about needing 100% legendary +15 gear, neither did I write "things were so much better back then". What I wrote is that previous versions of Aion offered players alternative (and by extension guaranteed) means to progress as opposed to being at the full mercy of RNG. Less twisting of words, more actual reading. The bare minimum for PF seems to be about half legendary gear +5 from what I hear and see. Even that can be an endless venue in a 100% rng based progression system. Unless you are now going to tell me you can finish it within a decent amount of time with a full ancient party. But those are just additives. If giving an opinion and providing a suggestion for improvement equals "searching for excuses" to you we have nothing left to discuss.
  20. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    Gear being untradeable is fine. It being somewhat of a grind is fine too. But to me, gearing up being 100% RNG is not. We are in a new patch, but most of us are running old content (which we already farmed into oblivion during 5.x) because actual new content such as PF and (in 6.5) Senekta is locked behind an RNG wall. People who know their class, can do BoS/FM blindfolded and are ready to move on in every other way can't - simply because they weren't lucky. That just doesn't seem right. 3.0 had the Kahrun Eternal Set (tokens) as an alternative to having to sit in EF/AM for months. In 3.5 we got TS, which also was RNG but was still do-able because there were multiple bosses (=multiple chances) and you got 1 entry per day. 4.x had ancient coins. In other words, there actually were (alternative) means to progress. But right now there are none. Crafting isn't a viable option due to the current proc rates/material costs. You do your 8 runs in FM/BoS, pray to Aion you get through the double-layered RNG on the 2-3 drops that will be usable for you, and then afk until next week. Even adding something like a guaranteed 1 token drop to the BoS/FM final boss and creating an NPC where people can exchange these for Voidsoul at a certain rate would do. That way you'd have at least one guaranteed item and some progress after 7~8 runs. They can, but the people they take along cannot. I should have re-worded that.
  21. Favorite Patch?

    Lore/immersion wise it'd have to be 2.X. For convenience, gameplay and entertainment value 3.0/4.0. Everything from 4.8 onwards is a botched experiment; random, panic-driven attempts to keep Aion afloat amidst the rise of the mobage and the decline of MMOs - with every move showing just how much they had lost touch with their own game. And thus we arrive in the present, where we are playing a placeholder to buy them time until A2 is done.
  22. Fighting Spirit Fragment

    On average PvP gear will give fragments equal to the amount of Kibrium used, sometimes a bit more or less (+/- 1~3). If the prices are affordable I'd just aetherforge the "lesser" pieces the guy above mentioned and extract those. If you get a masterwork proc sell it, those are not worth extracting as they don't give bonus Kibrium and upgrading them into purple for fragments is just a waste. You could also buy PvP gear with Genesis Crystals and extract those, but once you start to approach +10 on your ancient PvP set you'll learn you'll want to buy the PvP enchantment stone bundles always.
  23. The instance reset is part of the system and has been there forever. It's not exactly a secret, and there is little NC can do about it even if they wanted.
  24. Week 4, 16 FM runs

    BoS started dropping those Harvester Soulstones pretty fast after its introduction. That way you could still progress even if you didn't get a harvester drop per se, as you could just +15 an Apollon piece and then purify it. But such a means of (alternative) progression is absent for PvE in 6.2; it is is purely RNG based. @Cyan Similar to what was done with BoS, please add a token drop or something to the final bosses of FM/BoS & setup an NPC where said tokens can be exchanged for the Voidsoul gear pieces. In other words, a means of guaranteed progression. It is just silly to have people who finish Nergal in under 2 minutes, but can't move on to PF/IDD due to losing rolls or their gear pieces not dropping...and thus sit there twisting their thumbs for the rest of the week. There are many PvE-oriented folks who are already contemplating quitting because of the double-layered RNG factor, something needs to be done if you wish to retain these people for the game.
  25. Why So Much Complains From People?

    I just want to add that the current event lets you manually choose your reward from the 35 bundle (not sure about the 20 one), meaning that everyone who partook in it will have 2 guaranteed ancient trans. contracts minimum. By default the means to acquire transform contracts is pretty bad, I agree, but if NC keeps them available through such events it won't be too bad overall. Scrolls I found to be not too much of an issue so far, Luna daily drops 20 of them pretty consistently + another 20 (transparent) every week. Enough for some OW farming and the daily dredge or EC.