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  1. Dragon Carpet set - website stopped registering accounts

    I got a Stigma Promotion Scroll Selection box, is it that "Dragon Carpet Set"? It writes "this item will be deleted during a future maintenance". "A" or "the"? During the nearest maintenance or when? I still don't understand how to use it? Please anyone tell me how to use it? Should I enchant stigmas before it? How much? What difference between "promotion", "upgrade" and "enchantment"?
  2. Dragon Carpet set - website stopped registering accounts

    No, it worked earlier, I had on some other accounts, it was to register for receiving Dragon Carpet Set and there appeared a page saying "You registered successfully" or smth like that. If it was the 2nd time it would give a black page with the words "It seems you had already registered your account". Then it changed and none of those pages comes up.
  3. Hungry Hatchlings - can't find Zudra

    Subj. I came to Stellusia main square, as the event promised "In the Stellusia Main Square, you’ll find Zudra standing by, waiting to evolve your Stormwing Hatching!". "Don’t fret, there’s plenty of time to raise your Hatchling. Hungry Hatchings will run until May 27, so be sure to offer a helping hand before it’s too late." Where is Zudra? The search gives "unable to locate Zudra".
  4. Subj. Today I came to this forum for the 1st time and wanted to register as WingsOfEternity (lev 80) but the field of character choice only offered me 1 oldest character on this account! Earlier, since this new forum interface appeared, it would show all characters on the account so we could choose any of them, not only the oldest one! Please fix it to be like it was before!
  5. What can I really do with this strange thing "Sharp Manastone Extraction Stone" that writes "Chance to obtain a manastone", that I got from a Legendary manastone in Aetherforging, but then looked through all Aetherforging and Morphing designs and don't find any desing using this thing???