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  1. So that's why you're here... Show us some clips of you "stomping" or the apparent hacking. Something besides talk would be nice
  2. Always willing to educate a new or ignorant player such as yourself, my irrelevant and unknown gentleman
  3. It's a minor and very specific glitch caused by an oversight in the targeting system. There are 3 elements: An assassin must agro a mob that can see through hide The assassin must use hide before the mob lands an attack The other player must target the mob, which is targeting the assassin (see element 1), and use the "select target's target" key before the mob resets The glitch makes it appear to the assassin that the other player is targeting him, but that isn't happening. The other player's target stays on the mob even after using the "select target's target" key
  4. Condolences to his family and to you, Hopea We had some great 1v1s, 2v2s, etc over the years. May he rest in peace.
  5. This. The ones offended by the term "P2W" are usually the ones who fit the description, lol. *has been a P2W game for years Remember tempering prices at 1bil+?
  6. Provenance Spellbook with a Prime Guardian Royal Captain's Spellbook combine. The Provenance weapon is level 80 and therefore gives higher base stats than level 75 AP weapons. Provenance has 1313 base magic boost and 657 base magical accuracy. The level 75 AP weapon has 1227 base magic boost and 624 base magical accuracy (this does not include "option stats"). You also gain both casting and attack speed by including the Provenance Spellbook.
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