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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 27, 2017

    So when will we get the server wide buff @Cyan?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 27, 2017

    Don't commend them on messing up half what they promised.....
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 27, 2017

    @Cyan i thought the Daeva's Day Celebration was supposed to go on for another week, why are we currently missing half of what the Daeva's Day Celebration is. The cake didn't remain nor did the exp buff from the server.
  4. sudden server shutdown

    @Cyan can we get an estimate of the server down time, you know since you guys forgot to even notify us about the servers going down.
  5. The forced 32bit client is screwing over a lot of the game population.... And doesn't seem to be helping any of the people that had the initial problem at all. To make things worse when we try to bring up the topic in forums u just lock the thread???
  6. SEND LOG errors in Smoldering fire temple

    Same.... sure give us our "Favorite" event but have send logs during the instance.