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  1. I'm pretty sure every physical class can use a bow. I've been using a bow since 2.5 flying in the abyss. very effective for PVP if you know how to use it properly without skills. Why is everyone complaining on the post? appreciate the gear event. PF and IDD don't even drop weapons.
  2. I love how people can nyerk and be so unappreciative about gear events. You have 2 weeks to get full gear and weapon, you have legion mates who can also run FM and help you get geared. I ran FM and BOS total of 14 times and only gotten 2 ultimate drops. So what? got 2 more weeks for the event. Polearm drops are also VERY low. You keep complaining about gear events they'll stop giving them. It's a random chance. not guaranteed ultimate. Gear you legion mates while you can. - Tizinabet-DN
  3. I love how you put this into words. That's why I quit helping as much. People join. I waste couple days helping and teaching them. Week goes by and they leave to a different legion without saying anything. I have started my solo legion few days ago and it's much more peaceful and fun now.
  4. Of course people will find a way around it. No doubt, but some people literally pop in and go do their business like they're running EC AFK scripts. At least that will get rid of the bots.
  5. Rank is earned not bought. and should stay that way. Like Aly-DN stated, AP used to be rank and currency and was very hard to get up the ladder, GP is much easier AND resets every few months so everyone has a chance to xform without worrying about people who hoard AP like in the old days. Buying your rank won't make you better. 300k HP goes down FAST when you're under geared too. Go get a Katalam Protector Weapon and see how quick you die if you're not geared well before you make the decision to become a 5 star or higher and wanting to waste money on rank.
  6. - Three (3) entries per day (with prestige) - Add Glory Point rewards based on contribution (kills) and fraction status (win\lose). - Automatically kick inactive (AFK) players who haven't left the main base within 90 seconds after the match has started. PVP IS NOT FOR AFK!! - Daily entry ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These changes might encourage players
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