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  1. I would also like to know if possible please, no need for an exact date just roughly 1...2...3 months away or whatever, I think people would like to know if is worth the wait or attempt to combine whatever they have saved. Would really appreciate an answer, thanks
  2. My bad, I assumed you are in US and read it wrong but some of the stuff you say is pretty far out...everything to you is hacking or cheating seems like
  3. First of all if you stopped playing 3 years ago and you are still here I feel sad for you. Hacking/cheating = 3rd party program, exploiting = finding a bug in game that gives you an advantage. Creating alts to bot and pass kinah to main is cheating, creating alts for luna or afk is not hacking or boting and as for the rest of the stuff you said....don't know what to tell you ....you are probably one of the people that think that Trump won by a LOT lol
  4. Can I ask you why is debatable whether you should reply or not on forums? Aren't you a CM that is supposed to answer questions , problems, concerns and anything in between? Even if the answer or reply is not what people want to hear is still better than ignoring the issue.
  5. Would be the perfect time of year , thanks in advance
  6. Ok Mr or Mrs Wikipedia, I know that most of the people don't bother to come on the forums and have something to say to every thread that was EVER posted here like you however when NC does right by players people DO come on forums to say thanks and show appreciation and you should know that. My point was about the people that ALREADY WERE on the forums since the thread had around 200 views(I know 200 views doesn't mean 200 players) at the time I posted and ONLY 3 or 4 people showing appreciation. Got it? Now....do you have any other definitions for me?
  7. Not trying to be negative in this positive thread but it looks like 3 people appreciate the events . Very successful
  8. I really want to ask NCsoft people in what world is this fun or enjoyable ? Was that the best you can come up with? You lost any notion of what fun is. You could've made it a bunch of different ways...1/account...heavy grind or whatever but yet again proved you don't care about the few players left or whatever feedback you get. Same with the small/big game mobs you are bringing out the worst in people...a lot of fighting frustration and hate on each other...if that was your goal you have totally succeeded.
  9. Only select few can have a happy Xmas, the rest only get some crumbs and cold leftovers, NCwest has a weird sense of humor
  10. Roll back your graphic driver if you updated last few days, I had similar problem and rolled back and working fine now
  11. This should totally not matter where the minions are coming from whether they are purchased from BCM , leveled or restored
  12. How about you change your timing a little bit for the maintenance post and not make it look like this is the last thing to do in the day before everyone is out the door and nothing can be changed....actually I think is done like this on purpose...call me crazy
  13. Something is seriously seriously wrong with you guys, you are soooo disconnected from the game and everything going on in it is not even funny...you have no clue...is like going to the doctor with a broken arm and they give you preparationH for the pain
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