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  1. Time for you to realize that the world doesn't revolve around you and nobody gives a crap what you want. Entitled much? You don't like it? Quit!! We won't miss you. Stop making demands...nobody owes you anything!
  2. https://www.pcgamesn.com/windows-10-game-performance-hit
  3. Not trying to be an a hole but looks like this game is not viable for you. Equal chance you say.....you don't get that in real life and the game is no different. People came with good ideas and suggestions but you shut everything down before you even try it. If you play 10 minutes a day this game is not for you...if you don't like the grind this game is not for you. It's simple like that. Nothing personal but to me you sound like most of this generation that feels entitled to everything without putting in any effort because it takes too long or is too hard. That's my 2 cents anyway and no I d
  4. I can't deny that the community is toxic and it hurts the game but you think if we all hold hands and sing kumbaya all of a sudden they will start and do a great job running it? Pfft ..they don't give a shit about the game, they just going to milk it as much as they can for as long as they can with minimum involvement and when only 10 players left that refuse to leave because of the amount of money they spent on the game they will eventually shut it down
  5. 1 month 2 months...3 months 6 months... NCSoon?...never again?...any info on this would be appreciated, I know it's been asked countless times with no answer, doesn't hurt to ask again
  6. I keep saying they have no friggin clue about their game, you can't properly manage something you know nothing about
  7. Lol...talking about missing the picture ...this is like a billboard and you completely missed it
  8. Why work on it once when you can do it twice? Is called job security lol
  9. You gotta buy a key on BCM to open it
  10. Gotta love NCSOFT.....amazing as always
  11. Fixing typos...some funny stuff right there...thanks for letting us know ...is the most pressing issue
  12. I would also like to know if possible please, no need for an exact date just roughly 1...2...3 months away or whatever, I think people would like to know if is worth the wait or attempt to combine whatever they have saved. Would really appreciate an answer, thanks
  13. My bad, I assumed you are in US and read it wrong but some of the stuff you say is pretty far out...everything to you is hacking or cheating seems like
  14. First of all if you stopped playing 3 years ago and you are still here I feel sad for you. Hacking/cheating = 3rd party program, exploiting = finding a bug in game that gives you an advantage. Creating alts to bot and pass kinah to main is cheating, creating alts for luna or afk is not hacking or boting and as for the rest of the stuff you said....don't know what to tell you ....you are probably one of the people that think that Trump won by a LOT lol
  15. Can I ask you why is debatable whether you should reply or not on forums? Aren't you a CM that is supposed to answer questions , problems, concerns and anything in between? Even if the answer or reply is not what people want to hear is still better than ignoring the issue.
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