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  1. All you had to do was not to comment on a topic that you didn't get, not that difficult, the point is they are shady about it, some people spend money for that chance that I'm sure would like to know the odds ahead of time. There is a difference in describing if you combine 2 legendary contracts you get this pouch that contains A or B or if you combine 2 legendary contracts you get this pouch that contains A and a very small chance of B. If A has 99% chance and B 1% chance that is NOT random
  2. Now why would you expect them to answer a legitimate question here? What's wrong with you?
  3. You guys got it? Pretty clear? Good. Any other questions please leave them here just to be ignored again or get an answer after the event is over....I mean why would they want to make more sales right?
  4. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    This is the perfect outcome IMO, everyone should be happy, I salute you for listening and trying to do the right thing. Thanks
  5. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Took or taking some additional time? I'm sorry but there is a difference and don't mean to pick on you but took means it was fixed and I don't see that yet. We all know already what asap means to you guys
  6. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    How dare you ask for such a thing? It's only been 4 days.... you think you're entitled to an update? Transparency and communication is done only by decent and respectable companies
  7. Response to Producer's Letter

    They don't know their own product, they don't know the game and the way it works. You can't properly manage something you know nothing about, simple as that. They could be well intended but that's not enough
  8. 30 kills in katalam

    The 30 kills in the event tab bugged? ...am I missing something? Do people get updates? Thanks
  9. Feedback: Event Thread

    I'm sorry if I don't seem constructive but if by now you don't know what people want I don't know what to tell you...pack everything up shut the game down and move on to other things. Nothing personal but you (NCS) coming here and asking what people want in an attempt to show that you care doesn't fly anymore , I mean you could just take a look at Europe for example if you really want to improve. My 2 cents anyways, there's no suggestion I can make that was not said already like thousands of times. Peace
  10. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    There's a lot to be said here so going to keep it simple. Team should play the game for a month or so, start from scratch and try to progress to end game. Know the game and that will get the team all the feedback they search. Thanks